A Bauma exhibition like this wasn’t seen for years!

Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. is happy to thank all customers visiting the stand during this important exhibition and interested in the news wich was exposed.

Bauma has reconfirmed its importance as the World’s Leading Trade Fair to show the technological evolutions and engineering developments on Earth Moving and Aerial Platform sectors. An event wich Palazzani Industrie has always considered strategic to launch new models or to show the latest technical news. The machines exhibited at Palazanni stand have reconfirmed the commitments of the Company to offer reliability and customizing, with new models designed to satisfy the more and more demanding market needs.

“Ragno” TSJ 23.1

With Ragno TSJ 23.1 Palazzani offer a simple and performant Platform, suitable for end users and Rental Companies for every purpose, following the evolution of Palazzani latest generation of machines: usability, versatility, lightness and compact. The simplicity of use is offered by the automatic.

Thanks to the COS (Clever Outreach System), the machine results very easy to be used, with the system automatically selecting the optimal outreach, according to the stabilizers position and load in the cage (120 kg or 250 kg). The touch screen video provides the operator highly advanced diagnostic information and functions, showing also any anomalies and possible error with troubleshooting suggestions. Always available on tracks or wheels, with different power: Bi-energy (diesel engine and electric motor), hybrid (diesel engine and batteries), ECO (electric motor and battery).

The evolution of Paload Telescopic Wheel Loaders with the launch of PT 1102, the new model of 12,1 ton, with telescopic booms and 5100 mm of downloading height and pin

Applying the technologie and the experience of existing models PT 182 and PT 192 on the bigger wheel loader model PL 1105, Palazzani offers an excellent solution for all sectors needing important downloading heights and outreach but narrow places to move and no need of big size machines. PT 1102 maintains the performances of the traditional wheel loader, with the advantages of long arms, with double boom patented system for a good stability and lifting capacity.

Visibility, stability, lifting capacity, modern design, comfort in the cabin, all characteristic features of Palazzani / Paload wheel loaders.

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