A mini backhoe loader PB 130 for energy and antiseismic intervention thanks to Energybo Srl

Energybo Srl

Energybo Srl is an Northern Italian Company dedicated to energy saving promotion and sustainability, as well  as antiseismic structure modifications.

To better face every need this activity requires, but most of all to offer its customers a complete solution at a  reasonable cost, Energybo Srl purchased one Palazzani Mini Backhoe Loader PB 130.

PB 130 is used mainly to do excavations for the structural reinforcements or to create conduit passages for  photovoltaic systems.

“We choose Palazzani PB 130 considering the good balance offered by the machine” says Mr. Marco Borrini,  owner of the Company. The performances of PB 130 are well known, stowed dimensions and high  performances, versatility to use various equipments.

“I have to say that my impressions are very positive with this product. We suggest it to every constructions  works where precision is required, considering the fast and good movements the machine does in narrow  spaces”, says Mr. Borrini.

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  1. Mini Backhoe Loader says:

    Mini backhoe loader are use for small works. I thinks more over construction equipment like mini backhoe loader, earthmaster, Jcb etc has more demand because of it compatibility, efficiency and productivity. So selecting proper machine is the best job.


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