Abengoa receives Provisional Acceptance Certificate for Khi Solar One

Abengoa receives Provisional Acceptance Certificate for Khi Solar One

Khi Solar One has 50 MW of installed capacity and a two-hour storage capacity, incorporating cutting-edge technology developed by Abengoa. Following commissioning, the plant is officially handed over to Khi Solar One Pty. Ltd, a corporation that is made up of Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Khi Community Trust and Abengoa.

Abengoa (MCE: ABG.B), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, has received the “Provisional Acceptance Certificate” for Khi Solar One. Therefore, the 50 MW solar thermal tower plant is officially handed over to Khi Solar One Pty. Ltd, a corporation that is made up of Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) -one of the largest financial development institutions in South Africa-, Khi Community Trust and Abengoa.

In addition to developing, constructing and being in charge of the plant’s operation and maintenance, Abengoa also owns 51 % of the project, while IDC owns 29 %, and Khi Community Trust controls the remaining 20 %.

The Khi Solar One plant is a one of a kind thermal solar tower that employs heated steam. It has a capacity of 50 MW, allowing it to supply clean energy to about 45,000 South African households. The plant began commercial operation on February 2nd, 2016. (Original source.)

Khi Solar One (50 MW) will be Abengoa´s third commercial solar tower and its first outside of Spain. The tower plant will be located on a 1482 acres site close to Upington, in the Northern Cape Province.

The company has achieved this milestone thanks to the storage developed by Abengoa´s Research and Development team, the IDC and Khi Community Trust. The system accumulates steam at high temperatures and pressure, and allows for the generation of electricity after sunset. This system is capable of generating 50 MW for two hours after sunset. However, the fall in energy consumption at night allows for the operation of the plant below full power. Using this system, the operating unit of Abengoa, the IDC and Khi Community Trust in Khi Solar One have been able to produce electricity for 24 hours using only the steam generated by solar energy and meet energy needs. This milestone demonstrates the successful progress in the advancement of the operation of this innovative plant.

This project eliminates the production of 183,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, providing the energy needed to meet the growing South African electricity demand in a sustainable manner.

Project details
  • The plant, with 2 hours of thermal storage, will use a technologically advanced dry cooling system, which dramatically reduces water consumption by two-thirds.
  • The plant will also contain important technological advances in efficiency, using higher temperatures during the generation process, and having more than double the capacity of Abengoa’s previous towers. These advances come as a result of the latest generation of solar tower technology using superheated steam, which was developed by Abengoa in its R&D centers in Spain.

Environmental – social – economic benefits

  • Khi Solar One will prevent approximately 183,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year, and will supply clean energy to approximately 45,000 households.
  • The plant will create an average of 600 jobs during construction, and approximately 35 permanent, full-time jobs during plant operation.
  • It will contribute to South Africa´s goals of introducing up to 17,800 MW of renewable energy by 2030, and reducing its dependence on oil and natural gas.
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