ACCIONA celebrates 20 years in Italy

ACCIONA celebrates 20 years in Italy

ACCIONA celebrates 20 years in Italy offering innovative and sustainable solutions for the end-to-end management of the water cycle.

ACCIONA, a leading company in infrastructure and renewable energy, is celebrating 20 years’ presence in Italy offering innovative solutions for the management of the end-to-end water cycle. With more than 40 projects in 10 regions of the country, ACCIONA currently provides a service to more than 2 million people.

The company has a main office in Milan and more than 550 employees across the country.

Its activities cover the desalination of seawater and brackish water using reverse osmosis technology; potabilization; wastewater treatment, and the end-to-end management of the water cycle to ensure water supplies and sanitation are its main lines of business.

These are areas in which innovation and a commitment to new technologies play a key role.

Among the most emblematic projects developed in Italy we would highlight the Saras desalination plant (capacity: 12,000 m³ per day), which provides high-quality demineralised water to the Sarlux refinery – a company belonging to the Italian energy group Saras spa – located in Sarroch, near Cagliari (Sardinia).

On the Pelagie Islands (Pantelleria, Linosa and Lampedusa) the company provides potable water supplies through the operation of modular desalination plants, while in Rome and the Vatican City it undertakes the maintenance of the sanitation and water supply networks.

In the water treatment area it has also carried out major projects in regions such as Sardinia, Lazio. Apulia, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany, Liguria, Sicily and Veneto. Among others, it has built the extensions to the Guidonia treatment plant near Rome and the biofiltration plant at Scicli (Sicily), as well as modernising a number of treatment plants in Bari, Cagliari and Milan.

ACCIONA also currently undertakes the operation and maintenance of 300 wastewater treatment plants and 600 pumping stations in Sardinia, representing 85% of the island’s total wastewater treatment capacity and the treatment of 120.45 hm3/year.

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