ACCIONA makes a commitment for another year in World Water Day

ACCIONA makes a commitment in World Water Day

ACCIONA has once again made a commitment in World Water Day through campaigns in Spanish cities and social networks to highlight the value of this vital resource. The aim this year is to raise awareness of the current shortages, which already affect 50% of the world’s population.

With these initiatives, ACCIONA advocates the development of innovative solutions to curb water stress and drought. To raise public awareness of the situation – exacerbated by climate change – the company has placed a huge hourglass in Madrid, in the Nuevos Ministerios area, under the slogan “The water we have left”. ACCIONA is also handing out small hourglasses to citizens to measure the time spent in the shower and, in this way, contribute to the efficient use of water.

Interactive points of information with similar messages have also been placed in Valencia and can be seen on ACCIONA’s Tiktok, Twitter “and “Linkedin accounts.

ACCIONA once again demonstrates that it is a leading company in end-to-end water cycle management. During 2023 it treated 1,190 hm3 of water, more than 47% of the total in areas with high water stress. The company provides services to more than 140 million people through desalination, drinking water treatment and purification infrastructures it has built and operates, and through services linked to the end-to-end water cycle it provides worldwide.

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