AECOsim highlights review

AECOsim highlights review

As the year comes to an end, take a moment to review the AECOsim highlights you may have missed:

Bring Your Designs to Life with Real-Time Visualization!

Presenter: Mr. Gernot Jeromin

Review the top five reasons you should use LumenRT as an unbelievably easy-to-use companion to AECOsim Building Designer.

With AECOsim Building Designer and LumenRT, building professionals can:

  • Immerse buildings within a real-time visualization environment populated with moving people, wind-swept plants, rolling clouds, rippling water, and animated vehicles
  • Create and share interactive visualizations of your building designs, even if you don’t have 3D modeling or computer graphics experience
  • Quickly show off your design from any angle, instantly with cinematic quality
  • Easily update your visualizations with updates from your AECOsim Building Designer model as your building design progresses, with seamless integration

See for yourself how amazing your projects can look in this on-demand webinar!

Excellence in Airport Design: AECOsim Building Designer for Airports

Presenter: Mark Enos

Learn how AECOsim Building Designer’s BIM advancements provide you with what you need to successfully design airports.

Mark Enos, Senior Application Engineer, will review how AECOsim Building Designer fits into the airport lifecycle from planning, design, and construction through operations. Find out how you can easily:

  • Program data into space planning and mass modeling, as well as perform solar studies for buildings and runway locations
  • Integrate and exchange information models across all AECO disciplines to support various organizational workflows
  • Share your designs and models with stakeholders with 3D interactive PDFs
  • Visualize your airport designs using Bentley LumenRT with real-time simulation including moving people, vehicles, airplanes, and realistic weather with accurate lighting for day and night scenes

Take off with AECOsim Building Designer today and discover how it can change the way you design airports!

AECOsim Building Designer for Mechanical Design

Be more productive in designing mechanical systems with AECOsim Building Designer, a multi-discipline building design application.

Join John Crosby, senior product manager responsible for the mechanical aspects of AECOsim Building Designer at Bentley Systems, in this complimentary webinar as he discusses the improved and enhanced mechanical capabilities of AECOsim Building Designer. He will present how AECOsim Building Designer will enable you to:

  • Compress mechanical design development time
  • Integrate mechanical design, analysis, documentation, and fabrication
  • Predict mechanical performance, quantities, and cost
  • Coordinate across multiple disciplines

Using AECOsim Building Designer and ProConcrete to Save Time and Reduce Costs

Presenter: Michał Lipiński

In just 30 minutes, learn how you can benefit from using AECOsim Building Designer and ProConcrete together!

Enable BIM methodologies with AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley’s multi-discipline building design application, and place rebar and create rebar details with ProConcrete, Bentley’s concrete drawing and fabrication software.

Learn how you can save time and reduce costs by easily:

  • Placing rebar and creating rebar details from AECOsim Building Designer
  • Referencing models in ProConcrete for direct rebar placement
  • Automatically updating reinforcements when the model gets update
  • Creating deliverables like drawings and schedules
  • Managing models between software


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