Another Wheel Loader for an Italian Company, this time it’s a telescopic!

Metalia S.p.A is a Company located in Northern Italy, focusing its core‐business since 1981 on nonferrous metals dealing with Italian and Swiss artistic and mechanical foundries.

Recently, the Company has started to invest more attention to the residual waste handling, working mainly with medium and small foundries and providing them a full service at 360°: from ingots delivery to waste withdrawal.

Metalia cooperates, with the cooperation of third Companies, takes also care about the recycling  process of the waste material, separating the sterile from the metal parts which are later re‐offered to  the market under ingots shapes.

Due to the increasing demand, especially from the bigger Companies, of collecting scrap processing, Metalia needed a new wheel loader for the material loading and unloading operations. The machine  had to grant a loading height of at least 3.80 m, to be able to load also the highest trucks.

For this reason, one telescopic Loader PT 192 was recently delivered by Palazzani. Its height at pin (from  3987 to 4791 with the extended boom) and operating performances, as well as stowed dimensions, grant Metalia to travel in narrow spaces and to do all operations with an important save in consumption and costs. The many optional items available allow the machine to fulfill multipurpose activities which can be needed in the future.

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