Atlas Copco unveils X-Air⁺ 750-25

Atlas Copco unveils X-Air⁺ 750-25

Atlas Copco has launched a groundbreaking addition to its portable air compressors DrillAir family: the X-Air⁺ 750-25. This advanced product marks a leap forward in highly productive and efficient portable air solutions.

With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, the X-Air⁺ 750-25 features at least 10 % greater efficiency than its predecessor, ensuring low total cost of ownership for customers – and a notable reduction in carbon footprint across the DrillAir range.

Redefining the standards in portable air solutions for drilling

The X-Air⁺ 750-25 heralds a new era in compact solutions for medium-depth drilling, by being fully flexible between 16 and 25 bar pressure and a flow between 350 and 320 liters per second.

Engineered with a highly efficient 6.7-liter Cummins engine, it offers toughness and power with half the footprint and weight of the predecessor, enhancing agility and versatility.

At the heart of the unit’s performance is the AirXpert technology, ensuring at least 10% greater efficiency compared to its predecessor. Through automatic regulation, this patented technology adjusts operating parameters based on real-time flow requirements, leading to significant reductions in fuel and energy consumption and optimizing medium-depth drilling operations.

The dynamic flow boost feature further optimizes the X-Air⁺ 750-25’s performance by enhancing flow rates during drilling’s most demanding phases, notably improving flushing and drill stem refilling. This innovation ensures a quicker, more efficient borewell completion process, streamlining operations and significantly cutting down project timelines.

A testament to the X-Air⁺ 750-25’s impact is the experience of Atlas Copco’s valued customer, Baugrund Süd Gesellschaft für Geothermie mbH (BGS). Based in Bad Wurzach, Germany, the water extraction specialist was offered the opportunity to test a prototype of the unit in the autumn of 2023, where the unit was put to work on a large construction site. Over the course of a month, BGS vigorously utilized the X-Air⁺ 750-25 for applications including near-surface geothermal energy and geothermal probe system construction.

The testing phase highlighted the portable air compressor’s exceptional fuel efficiency and suitability to geothermal drilling applications. BGS highlighted the low fuel consumption, and thus, reduction on CO2 emissions of the unit as key advantages. Besides that, the compressor stands out for its easy transportability and maneuverability.

BGS also shared that compared to other alternatives that its team had onsite throughout the testing process, the X-Air⁺ 750-25 proved to be the best choice, considering the environmental impact, the technical aspect, and the service provided by Atlas Copco service network.

Elevating the X-Air⁺ 750-25 efficiency with intelligent control

Every portable air compressor is equipped with a controller to optimize performance, and this time, the X-Air⁺ 750-25 boasts a brand-new addition: the Xc2004. Featuring an intuitive interface, future-ready design, advanced computing power, and enhanced connectivity, the Xc2004 unlocks unparalleled efficiency for our customers.

Customer-centric solutions for diverse applications

This X-Air⁺ model is tailored for a wide range of industries, offering robust and efficient solutions for construction, mining, and energy sectors. Additionally, the compressor’s quiet operation, reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and the logistical ease due to its significantly reduced weight, which simplifies transportation and lowers warehousing costs for Atlas Copco fleet owners. Its enhanced capabilities translate into direct benefits for customers, including reduced operational costs, improved drilling speeds, and minimized environmental impact.

We are dedicated to accelerating the industry towards a more energy-efficient future. This new model embodies our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. It also represents our pledge to provide solutions that benefit our customers and the planet.Leslie Van Mulders , Product Marketing Manager of Large Air at Atlas Copco, Portable Air Division

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