Bay-Lynx Newman Mixer

Bay-lynx Manufacturing is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the market place. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on value, ingenuity, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Why the Bay-Lynx Newman Mixer?

QUALITY: Your Bay-Lynx Newman Mixer uses high quality components with superior structural integrity. The Newman Mixer is proven to be accurate in mix volume to 2 kg in 1m3 of concrete.

VALUE: Your Bay-Lynx Newman Mixer is proven to be a well built, accurate, and precise machine while being competitively priced.

SUPPORT: Your Bay-Lynx Newman Mixer is backed with an experienced sales, engineering, parts and service team ready to serve.

Volumetric Mixers 101

With a Bay-Lynx Newman Volumetric Mixer you are the Master of:

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Service
  • Efficiency
  • Profitability

Use the Bay-Lynx Newman Volumetric Mixer for unlimited Applications & Situations:

  • Variable Slump
  • Pre-Cast
  • Continuous Pour
  • Backfill
  • Recycled Concrete
  • Remote Location
  • Shotcrete
  • Pervious Concrete
  • Rapid Setting
  • Other Specialty



The Bay-lynx Newman Mixer comes in three standard configurations depending on your chassis preferences or local weight restrictions.

Bay-lynx Manufacturing is excited to offer an Aluminium Hybrid Volumetric mixer!

Buy introducing the same quality components and the knowledge gained from our All Aluminum Stone Spreader Bay-lynx is able to reduce the overall weight of their standard mixer by 1,000 pounds. Engineered, designed and modeled using our highest quality of standard that you have come to expect with all Bay-lynx products.

The aluminum extruded vertical panels are 2” thick side panels engineered to lock together they are then fully welded to create a strong and rigid construction.

  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Increased Payload = Increased Volume
  • Overall Less Weight = Fuel Savings
  • More Aero Dynamic
  • Looks Great!


  • 2010L Water Tank with Integral Baffles
  • Heavy Duty Construction Throughout
  • Square Strike Off Aggregate Bin
  • Divided Aggregate Bin
  • 7 Heavy Duty Bin Supports Per Side
  • Sand Bin Impact Vibrators
  • LED Strobe Lights
  • Work Lights
  • Aluminium or Poly Fenders
  • Twin Ad Mix System
  • Mechanically Linked Cement/Aggregate Drive
  • 3m3 Cement Bin with Twin Augers (3.5 tonnes)
  • Cement Bin Impact Vibrators
  • Working Platform for Safe Access
  • Wash Out System
  • HAWK Computer and Ticket Printer
  • Discharge Auger Lock
  • 180 Degree Rotating Discharge Auger
  • Remote Bearing System
  • 360 Degree Manual Chute Rotation

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