Bentley Systems announces availability of Water Loss Reduction in Chinese

Bentley Systems announces availability of Water Loss Reduction in Chinese

January 16, 2018

Bentley Systems today announced that its Bentley Institute Press publication, Water Loss Reduction, is now available in Chinese.

Water Loss Reduction, written by a group of industry experts from all over the world, provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art technical knowledge and holistic approaches for addressing water loss in urban water systems. The book examines water loss reduction best practices including model-based leakage detection, pressure management, water balance or water audit (which is recommended by the International Water Association), minimum night flow monitoring, and various device-based leakage detection methods.

Dr. Zheng Yi Wu, Bentley Fellow, technical editor and co-author of Water Loss Reduction, commented, “The best practices in Water Loss Reduction are very useful in China where many long-distance water transmissions, including the South-North Water Transferring Project, are being completed to mitigate water shortages in large cities. However, water is often lost from underground distribution pipelines due to leakage. Reducing water leakage is not only the best alternative of ‘new’ water sources, but is also nationally strategic to sustain economic development and on-going urbanization in China. Therefore, we are pleased to offer this essential guide for Chinese utilities committed to detecting, managing, and limiting water loss.”

The original English edition of the book was translated into Chinese by Dr. Qingzhou Zhang, Dr. Yuan Huang, and the research team led by Professor Zhao Hongbin from Harbin Institute of Technology. Professor Zhao, the leading authority of water distribution modeling in China, commented, “This book illustrates and elaborates on comprehensive theoretical principles and practical applications, and its state-of-the-art technical references demonstrate the innovative research and real-world practices of urban water loss reduction and management. This book project also sets an excellent example for effective collaboration between Chinese and overseas institutions to advance research and water system management in China. I sincerely wish that this translated book, together with other work by our team, can help to address the challenge of water loss reduction in China and enhance water system management in general.”

The authors of this extensive work include: Zheng Yi Wu, Ph.D., Bentley Fellow, research director, Bentley, U.S.A.; Malcolm Farley, CEng, CEnv, C.WEM and FCIWEM, principal consultant at Malcolm Farley Associates, U.K., and leader of the Publications, Communication and Conferences team of IWA Water Loss Task Force; David Turtle, BA (Oxon), CEng, MICE, supply planning manager, United Utilities, U.K.; Sanjay Dahasahasra, Ph.D., member secretary, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, India; Madhuri Mulay, Ph.D., head of IT Cell, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, India; Joby Boxall, Ph.D., professor of Water Infrastructure Engineering, University of Sheffield, U.K.; Stephen Robert Mounce, Ph.D., research associate, University of Sheffield, U.K.; Yehuda Kleiner, Ph.D., senior research officer and group leader at National Research Council, Canada; and Zoran Kapelan, Ph.D., professor in Water System Engineering, Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter, U.K.

The Chinese translation of Water Loss Reduction is published by China Architecture and Building Press and is available in books stores in China, and online.

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