Innovations of Building and Construction at JEC Innovation Awards

Innovations of Building and Construction at JEC Innovation Awards

Composites use in Building and Construction will be highlighted at JEC newest event dedicated to this specific Composites Industry next month in Chicago, IL, USA.

The numerous and diverse benefits that these innovative materials bring to the Building Industry will help overcome the coming challenges such as, urbanization, increase of natural disasters (floods, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes…), along with the decrease of non-renewable raw materials and the high standard levels set by the society in terms of lightness and fluidity. Composites Materials bring answers and opportunities to tackle those issues in sustainable, durable and reliable manners. Solutions like ease of fabrication (Owens Corning), structures durability (Biteam), anti-seismic reinforcement (DowAksa), use of end-of-life products such as recycled bottles of water (Premier Composites Technologies), aerial forms (Optima Projects Ltd) or again energy saving (Armageddon Energy).


Following its strategy to address every Composites End-user, the JEC Innovation Awards will reward these 6 Composites Innovators in Building & Construction that will change the way we build.

If the majority of submissions relied on glass fibers, which is common in the Construction field, we see an increased interest in carbon fibers, especially for structural applications. And similarly to all sectors of the composite industry, thermoplastics are gaining in importance in Construction.

Therefore, to promote the growing use of composites as a construction material, 6 categories are awarded, covering a large panel of applications and possibilities.

The JEC Innovation Awards Chicago 2017 ceremony will take place at McCormick Place on Tuesday June 20, 2017 at 6pm

The 6 “Composites Champions” winners of the JEC Innovation Awards:

  • Building – Owens Corning (France): GFRP for urban renewal challenge
  • Civil Engineering – Biteam (Sweden): Highly integrated ductile reinforced carbon composite I-beam
  • Structural Cladding – Premier Composite Technologies (United Arab Emirates): Ultra-High Performance Concrete in mould finish for FRP panels
  • Repair – DowAksa Advanced Composites (Turkey): Full-Scale Site Testing of Seismic Retrofit
  • Design – Optima Projects Ltd (United Kingdom): Free-form Structural FRP Roof without moulds
  • Energy – Armageddon Energy (United States): SolarClover Advanced Solar Panels
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