CASE Launches Two New Electrified Mini Excavators

CASE Launches Two New Electrified Mini Excavators

CASE Energizes Compact Equipment Market with Launch of Two New Electrified Mini Excavators and new CASE D Series Mini Excavators

With mini excavator demand continuing to grow exponentially year-over-year (more than 400 percent overall since 2011), and strong demand in sectors like landscaping and underground utilities, CASE Construction Equipment is developing one of the industry’s most diverse and comprehensive mini excavator lineups. This includes the launch of two all-new electrified mini excavators and a new diesel-powered mini excavator, and more models scheduled to hit the North American market in 2024. Each of these machines complements the existing C Series mini excavators — giving CASE one of the industry’s most diverse and robust product offerings ranging from 1.5 to 6 metric tons.

“Electric to diesel, true zero to conventional tailswing, cab to canopy, CASE now offers a full range of mini excavators to match any need and operator preference — including the ability to access any construction or landscaping site,” says Brad Mace, product manager, CASE Construction Equipment. “Each machine is built with premium features and performance that empower the operator to succeed in the types of jobsites and environments they work in — whether that’s utility work indoors that requires a zero emissions machine, or production-level trenching on a commercial development.”

CASE Enters Electrified Mini Excavator Market in a Big Way with Two New Models

Anchoring the new mini excavator launch for CASE is the introduction of two all-new electrified machines, the CX15EV and the CX25EV. The CX15EV is rolling in to CASE dealers now, and the CX25EV will be available later in 2023. The CX15EV is a 3,186-pound mini excavator powered by a 21 horsepower/16 kW electric motor — and the CX25EV is a 4,828-pound mini excavator running with a 27 horsepower/20 kW electric motor. The lithium-ion battery featured in both machines is charged either by the 110V/220V on-board charger, or via an external rapid charger that can have the machine charged extremely fast, typically within 90 minutes. Depending on the type of work, the CASE CX15 EV and CX25 EV will provide enough power to work through a full eight-hour day. All while delivering the core benefits of electrified construction equipment: no emissions, reduced noise, and less lifetime maintenance thanks to the elimination of the diesel engine.

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“Mini excavators are ideal for electrification because they go through varied work cycles throughout the day,” says Mace. “Between access to power and the fast charging capabilities of the machine with both on-board and external technologies, these machines deliver excellent runtimes and are sure to be ready to take on any task.”

CASE is proving that both mini excavators and electrified machines can still deliver the same premium operator-first experience as larger equipment. That operator experience starts with a standard color LCD monitor that delivers easy access to battery information, machine settings and work modes. It also features an electronic pattern changer (for switching between ISO and SAE patterns) and customizable hydraulic proportional controls and auxiliary hydraulics to let the operator dial that machine in to their preferences.

Each machine features three work modes that match electric motor speed to the task you’re doing — Power, Standard and Economy — as well as the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the controls to really let the operator control the feel and performance of the machine. This can be done through one of three pre-sets (Precision, Normal or Productivity), or an “Individual” setting that allows the operator to select specific responsiveness for six different bucket and boom actions, as well as swing, travel and blade functions. A load-sensing hydraulic system further delivers smooth and powerful performance that allows the operator to dial the machine in to each task.

“Our focus is on delivering a complete operator experience, even in some of the smallest machines we manufacture — and that attention to detail and operator satisfaction is built into each one of these battery powered units,” says Mace. “Another area where we’ve showcased this is in the ability of these electrical units as attachment platforms.”

Both machines feature standard 1-way/2-way hydraulics with an electronic detent hold to reduce operator fatigue, and an optional 2nd auxiliary circuit (2-way only) can be added for more hydraulic options. The new LCD monitor allows flow settings to be set and stored for up to five attachments for convenience and confidence when switching between attachments. An optional quick coupler further makes switching attachments quick and easy.

CASE is also focusing on connectivity with these new electrified mini excavators, making SiteWatch telematics standard on each machine for optimal visibility into machine performance, and greater collaborative fleet management with the local CASE dealer. And each model can be outfitted with precision construction technologies to further improve productivity and digging quality.

“These are full-featured, fully electric powerhouses built for work in all environments and operations, and operators will recognize that quality when they sit at the controls and dig in,” says Mace.

New D Series Mini Excavators Hit Key Weight Classes with Premium Features; More to Come

CASE is also launching a new diesel-powered, true zero tailswing mini excavator to the market: the CX42D. This is the first model of the new CASE D Series and complements the existing C Series product line, giving CASE a broader reach into core weight classes that are in high industry demand.

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“The CX42D exists in a critical industry weight class between four and five metric tons that we did not previously have machines,” says Mace. “This ensures that we have a total fleet of solutions to deliver to contractors and business owners, and allows us to bring the next level of premium mini excavator performance to the market.”

Additional CASE D Series mini excavators will be introduced in 2024.

The new additions to the CASE product line can be summed up by massive performance in a true zero tailswing design, allowing operators to get extremely up close and personal to buildings and obstacles without sacrificing any excavator performance.

The first thing that operators will notice as they get in the cab is the comfort and feel — a real automotive-style experience built into a mini excavator. There is excellent control adjustability, and great visibility down to working areas with big glass and intelligent structural design of the machine.

A large, seven-inch LCD monitor with a navigation wheel mounted near the joystick gives operators access to critical machine information and controls without having to reach to the screen — a great combination of intuitive design and simplified operation for the operator. In that screen, operators can also select working modes (Power, Standard or Economy), and customize hydraulic proportional controls and auxiliary hydraulics for optimal performance.

The CX42D delivers a high level of feature standardization with excellent options to further improve performance. A standard two-way blade with float improves backfilling and grading operations, while an optional six-way blade seriously beefs up those capabilities. While the zero tailswing design provides excellent access to tight sites, additional counterweights can be added for further balance and confidence. Standard two-speed travel with automatic shift down improves performance when tracking/carrying up hill. Standard multifunction (1-way/2-way) hydraulics and standard 2nd auxiliary (2-way) circuit make these new D Series machines attachment beasts, while an optional 3rd auxiliary circuit delivers even more versatility. Each machine comes standard with a thumb bracket and can be ordered from the factory with an optional thumb.

Additional optional features include a mulcher package and a direct drain for equipment requiring drainage to the tank without back pressure. Two different coupler options are available from the factory for meeting operator attachment and bucket preferences: hydraulic quick coupler, mechanical quick coupler, and a standard pin-on-bucket that is a great option if you don’t plan on changing buckets or attachments.

“Mini excavators are continuously underrated as attachment platforms, and the new CASE D Series models are built to prove they can deliver excellent multipurpose capabilities,” says Mace. “And we give them the ability to set up and save parameters for nine different attachments, and customize the flow based on tool type for optimal performance and operator experience.”

Similar to the new electrified models, the CX42D comes standard with CASE SiteWatch telematics, and is compatible with precision construction technologies.

“The mini excavator market continues to expand, and CASE is rising above with extensive operator-first technologies and a broader spectrum of machines and options to meet the needs of any application,” concludes Mace. “We’ll go toe-to-toe with any application, any machine and any challenge.”

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