Satisfied customers’ feedback for Case Midi-excavators in the Artic Circle

Case Midi -excavators

Located about 1800 km north of Oslo, Tromsø is the largest urban area in northern Norway and the second largest of the Arctic Circle. In this unique part of the world, the environment can be extremely challenging, marked out by tons of snow during the winter, long distances between inhabited areas and 6 months of perpetual night, alternating with 6 months of perpetual daylight.

Even in this harsh environment, customers and operators of CASE Construction Equipment machinery are delighted with the performance of the CX C-Series mid-size crawler excavators supplied by dealer Dagenborg Maskin AS.

Tom Nordgård is an operator who works in gardening and landscaping projects in Tromsø. He is very happy with the hydraulics of his CX75C SR excavator. “This midi excavator allows me to control the bucket in a smooth and precise way,” he says. “And the hydraulics, together with the rototilt attachment, makes my job much easier.” According to Rune Ulriksen, a young entrepreneur in the construction sector, “CASE midis are problem-free machines and this is what I really need in my job.”

Martin Mydland works for a company that installs pipes for telephone and internet cables in the city. He operates a CX75C SR excavator daily. “Thanks to a high sitting position and the large windows on both sides, this CASE unit has excellent all-round visibility and a large sight line towards the trench,“ he highlights. ”This is very important during digging and pipe handling operations.”


Harald Nilssen is the owner of a small company and a long-standing CASE customer. “CASE is my partner of choice since 1984,” says Nilssen.”I know I can rely on CASE equipment and I am also very pleased with the support I receive from the dealer.”

Support available anytime and everywhere in northern Norway

Behind these satisfied customers, is the high productivity and excellent reliability of CASE midi-excavators together with top-class sales and after-sales services provided by Dagenborg Maskin AS.

The company has been delivering the full line of CASE equipment to the north Norwegian market since 1981. Today, they account for 20% of market share of CASE units in their areas of the three northernmost counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

“The keys of our success are flexibility and passion,” says Håkon Dagenborg, managing director of Dagenborg Maskin AS. “We are a small business and we all work very hard to satisfy our customers’ needs under any condition. It is also extremely motivating to have the CASE team very close to us whenever we need them.“

Efficient parts distribution and proximity to end-customers are significant elements in customer satisfaction and important considerations in any equipment purchase decision. But the complexity hidden behind these services can be challenging, especially in Northern Norway.

“Quite often we are asked to work under very critical conditions,” adds Dagenborg. “During winter, we can easily have up to two metres of snow in our region. Transport can be difficult and distances are a problem too, as Norway is a very long country. We cope with these obstacles with rapid and reliable transports and by providing fast after-sales services to our customers, supported by the efficient parts delivery from CASE.”

Regarding the CASE midi excavators, Kjell Hansen, sales manager at Dagenborg Maskin AS, reports his personal and professional experience: “When we supply these machines to new customers, most of them just regret they didn’t try them before.”

CASE midi crawler excavators: Big productivity in a small package

CASE CX C-Series crawler excavators are ideal for urban construction sites due to their remarkably low noise levels and the ability to work in tight spaces and restricted conditions. Their cutting-edge hydraulic system and innovative non-DPF Tier 4 Final engine technology result in optimised performance, exceptional fuel economy, fewer emissions and low operating costs.

The auto-idle system saves fuel and reduces noise levels by automatically reducing engine speed after 5 seconds of machine inactivity. If this low idle condition continues for more than 3 minutes, the standard idle shut down function automatically stops the engine. This function drastically reduces fuel consumption and emissions and stops accumulating working hours on the engine with significant benefits in terms of retaining the machine’s higher residual value.

Available in two models, the CX75C SR and CX80C MSR, these versatile, agile and rugged excavators offer outstanding controllability and lifting performance which allow operators to move more material in a shorter time and boost productivity whether they are digging trenches, loading trucks, lifting pipes, or handling attachments.

The midi crawler excavators have the same cab as larger CASE excavators, which means best-in-class foot space and ergonomics, low resistance pedal, maximum comfort and reduced fatigue for the operator. Impacts and vibrations are effectively absorbed by the fluid mounting system, providing a pleasant and comfortable ride with less vibrations and reduced noise levels. The adjustment options for the operator’s seat and the control levers are usually found on higher category machines. For more pleasant working hours, CASE midis offer excellent climate control inside the cab.

With a huge glazed area, the cab provides outstanding visibility all round and onto the bucket or attachment, allowing easier and safer operations. The cab of the C-Series midis meets the ROPS and FOPS safety standards, and ensures maximum operator protection.

Daily maintenance is easy to carry out with easy access to all the service checkpoints from ground level, allowing intuitive, safe and fast maintenance operations. The best-in-class serviceability reduces downtime and operating costs, while resulting in more productivity.


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