Design Certification of the Civil Aviation Authority for FlySmart and FlyFast 2.0 and FlyNovex

Design Certification of the Civil Aviation Authority for FlySmart and FlyFast 2.0 and FlyNovex

January 27, 2017

FLYTOP SPA obtains the Certification of Design from ENAC for the FlySmart and the FlyFast 2.0. The latest has also been recognized as harmless by ENAC.

After the important recognition obtained this last December 2016 by the multirotor FlyNovex, ENAC has given the Certification of Design for the Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles (RPAVs) FlySmart and FlyFast 2.0 (ENAC protocol number IT-003 CP). This further increases the reliability and the prestige of FlyTop S.p.A., which now has three RPAVs that meet the requirements established in the art. 13 of the Regulation “Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles” Issue No. 2 – Rev. 2 dated 22/12/2016.

After the evaluation done by ENAC, it has been certificated that the RPAVs FlySmart and FlyFast 2.0 (which can now be produced in series) can be operated for Critical Specialized Operations. This implies that a pilot who wants to use these RPAVs for such activities is no longer required to demonstrate their eligibility (thanks to the certificate of conformity released by FlyTop at the moment of the purchase), but will only need to show his eligibility as an Operator to fly such vehicles for the required operation.

In addition to this, ENAC has officially acknowledged the FlyFast 2.0 as harmless. This RPAV is completely unable to cause serious damage, since it meets all the requirements for this particular characteristic, such as: use of a non-dangerous geometry, use of specific harmless materials and a maximum energy at the moment of a collision lower than 66 J. The FlyFast 2.0 is the first RPAV in Italy to obtain the Certificate of Design as harmless. Thanks to this characteristic, operations that will normally be considered critical automatically become non critical. This makes things easier for the Operator, who will only need to fill up the non-critical operation form, hence reducing the costs and the waiting time.

Different is the case of an RPAV that has all the necessary requirements to be harmless, but has not obtained the Certificate of Design. For this particular situation, the Operator will need to obtained an acknowledgment from ENAC for each RPAV, making the process longer and more complicated.

Its harmless characteristics, its small dimensions and its ease of use, make the FlyFast 2.0 a versatile, light and compact vehicle, ideal for survey and emergency management activities.


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