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Bentley Institute Press announces availability of Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced

Bentley Institute Press announces availability of Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced

January 16, 2019

Bentley Institute Press, publisher of cutting-edge textbooks and professional reference works for the advancement of the engineering, architectural, construction, operations, geospatial, and educational communities, has announced the availability of a new publication titled Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced.

Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced now available in print here, as an e-book and on Amazon Kindle. The iTunes version will also be available soon.

Vinayak Trivedi, vice president and global head for Bentley Institute, said, “We are pleased to offer this long-awaited title from Bentley Institute Press authored by Apurba Tribedi, whose vision was instrumental in the development of Bentley Systems’ STAAD Foundation software. Like all titles in the Bentley Institute Press portfolio, this publication aims to deliver continuous learning to help both students and practitioners in infrastructure professions to upgrade their technical skills and support their going digital initiatives.”

Practical Foundation Design with STAAD Foundation Advanced follows a tutorial-based approach to help readers understand the fundamentals of foundation design steps and processes. To help readers learn STAAD Foundation Advanced quickly, the book provides detailed descriptions of all inputs and explanations of outputs.

Foundation design is a crucial aspect of all structural design projects. However, foundation design calculations and reviews are typically manual and paper-based, and are therefore time-consuming and error-prone. Bentley Systems’ STAAD Foundation Advanced, strives to radically streamline foundation design calculations by integrating structural analysis data with all possible foundation configurations. For reviewers, the software generates preliminary drawings and a very extensive step-by-step calculation sheet, which includes all relevant design clauses and equations.

Author Apurba Tribedi, said, “STAAD Foundation was the first program of its kind to offer an innovative approach to the seamless integration of structural output alongside a myriad of foundation design configurations. This publication will serve as a useful guide for students as well as practicing engineers to learn about the features of the program and use the book for assistance with their day-to-day foundation tasks. Implementation of the concepts and steps explained in the publication will help readers to streamline the foundation design process resulting in considerable cost savings.”

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