Load Up North 2019

Load Up North 2019

Date: 29/08/2019 - 31/08/2019
TIme: All Day

Load Up North is a meeting place for the construction industry in Norrland, with a focus on construction machinery, transport and recruitment. There is also a knowledge section under the name of Meet Up, featuring speakers of interest to the industry. We’re aiming at anyone who works in mining above ground, roads and construction, as well as agriculture and forestry.

In 2016 the trade fair was expanding from three business areas to five. The meeting place is being augmented with the areas of roads & construction and agriculture & forestry.

It provides a venue for machine and truck manufacturers to showcase their products and gives visitors an opportunity to test drive what the market has to offer. It is also a chance for people working in these industries to meet up and make new contacts.

  • Machinery
  • Transport
  • Recruitment
  • Roads & Construction
  • Agriculture & Forestry

Target groups

Entrepreneurs, buyers and employees in the industry, as well as job seekers and students.

Manufacturers of machines and accessories, vehicle sellers, transport providers, producers, municipalities, educators, etc.

In 2019 the fair take place at Nolia in the city of Umeå, Västerbotten. 29-31 august.

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