VIII Forum of Biomass and Waste

VIII Forum of Biomass and Waste

Date: 12/06/2019
TIme: All Day

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Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace

ul. Paderewskiego 35 41-500

The VIII edition of the annual international conference about the use of biomass and waste for energy purposesVIII Forum of Biomass and Waste, will take place on June 12, 2019 in Chorzów.

Forum od Biomass and Waste is a series of debates, meetings and accompanying events, the topics of which cover the most important issues for the development of the biomass sector and entities associated with the WTE (waste to energy) industry. The main goal of the Forum is to gather experts from many countries so that they can exchange their experiences regarding the latest achievements on the use of biomass and waste for energy purposes. The Forum functions as a platform for the exchange of current knowledge and an important tool in the transfer of know-how, technology and innovation. The event gathers a wide spectrum of market representatives every year, including: energy industry experts, biomass suppliers, municipal sector representatives, scientists, engineers and technologists, as well as industry organizations, financial institutions and representatives of government and administration.

We invite to participate:

  • Heat and electricity producers
  • Biomass producers, alternative fuels, etc.
  • Pellet, wood chip and alternative fuel traders
  • Energy-intensive industry
  • Representatives of public sector entities
  • Municipal sector representatives
  • Solution and technology providers
  • Representatives of investors implementing construction projects for waste incineration plants, biomass blocks, etc.
  • Entities controlling the quality of fuels
  • Waste management plants
  • Companies from the construction sector and project contractors
  • Design and engineering companies, consultancy and law offices

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