Factory Approved Terex Trucks Parts: you only get what you pay for

Factory Approved Terex Trucks Parts: you only get what you pay for

Factory–Approved Terex Trucks parts are more than just replacement components – they play a critical role in ensuring more uptime, greater productivity and a longer service life which ultimately means low operating and maintenance costs.

Over half a century of innovation and technology has gone into the development of our parts. They provide a combination of remarkable design, precision engineering and reliability to work in tandem with all other core components of our trucks to achieve the right overall balance. And our research and development does not stop after they are fitted to a new truck, it is a continuous process of change and improvement.

So while low cost non-genuine replacement parts may seem appealing at the point of purchase, remember manufacturers of non-genuine parts do not have access to Terex Trucks’ technical data and drawings. These parts do not meet the same high quality and material specification is varied. They are reverse-engineered, designed and manufactured in isolation from the rest of the truck and its components. Individual parts may therefore not work well together and may risk consequential damage to the overall truck.

This can result in poor reliability, rapid wear, compromised performance, component damage and lower fuel efficiency; risking unscheduled truck downtime, endangering project deadlines and, in turn, profit margins.

It may also compromise warranties, negatively influence the lifetime of your truck and compromise its resale value.

You’ve made a significant investment in your truck, you want to protect it and achieve continuous optimum performance.


  • Cost-effective: ensure enhanced productivity, longer working life, lower operating costs and reduced down time.
  • Extensive distribution network: There are over 120 Terex Trucks distributors operating all over the world, providing them and technical support at a local level.
  • Parts warranty: they are protected by one of the most comprehensive warranty covers in the industry, providing protection that allows you to operate with confidence.

It’s pretty simple, go for the real deal. Only Factory-Approved Terex Trucks parts have been designed specifically to protect the performance, quality and durability of your truck. Keep it in the best possible condition.

New Factory-Approved parts can only be ordered through your dealer – so don’t be fooled by anyone else offering you what may look like the real deal.

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