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Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: WATER, WASTEWATER AND STORMWATER NETWORKS

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: WATER, WASTEWATER AND STORMWATER NETWORKS

October 18, 2018

Bentley Systems announced the finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards in the category of Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Networks for going digital advancements in infrastructure:

  • Beijing Institute of Water

Beijing South-to-North Water Diversion Auxiliary Project: Hexi Branch Project

Beijing, China

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, Bentley Substation, Descartes, HAMMER, LumenRT, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenPlant, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, ProStructures, STAAD

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: WATER, WASTEWATER AND STORMWATER NETWORKS

The Hexi Branch project is part of the Beijing South-to-North Water Diversion initiative to optimize the allocation of water resources in northern China. With three pumping stations, water transmission lines totaling 18.8 kilometers in length, and five water outlets, the project required large-scale terrain modeling and analysis, and simulation of pumping station operations. Beijing Institute of Water was responsible for construction drawing designs and initiated a collaborative 3D design strategy using Bentley’s integrated BIM applications to optimize engineering among eight disciplines and 30 engineers. The organization also incorporated lifecycle design and management into the project.

The team used ProjectWise as the collaborative platform for file sharing and coordinated design, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Surface digital elevation and building models were created from collected point cloud data using Descartes to accelerate design planning through accurate visual displays. MicroStation was used for 3D parametric modeling to help optimize pipeline design, saving 80 percent in design time compared to traditional 2D methods. AECOsim Building Designer and STAAD facilitated structural design and analysis, and the hydraulic modeling and calculations performed with HAMMER provided technical support for the subsequent digital operation and maintenance of the project.

  • DTK Hydronet Solutions

Conceptioneering and Master Planning of Bankura Multi Village Bulk Water Supply Scheme

Bankura, West Bengal, India

Project Playbook: Navigator, WaterGEMS

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: WATER, WASTEWATER AND STORMWATER NETWORKS

The Bankura Multi-Village Water Supply project was initiated to improve the existing water supply of four areas in the Bankura District of West Bengal, India. The existing antiquated pipeline had to be discarded and a new water supply scheme needed to be designed amid sloping topography on this INR 12.4 million project. DTK Hydronet Solutions was responsible for the conceptual design and modeling of the more than 4,000-kilometer network pipeline to provide reliable, equitable, and potable drinking water to approximately 1 million villagers.

DTK Hydronet Solutions used WaterGEMS to evaluate more than 50 design scenarios and generate a single hydraulic model of the pumping mains and distribution network in five days. The team identified and resolved collisions in the initial model in one day using Navigator. Bentley software improved productivity and enabled the team to achieve optimal design and operational strategies for the water supply scheme in 25 days, compared to the allotted four months. The interoperability of WaterGEMS allowed for seamless integration with GIS applications used by the client and detailed analysis of numerous operational situations, facilitating effective decision-making to enhance overall network reliability.

  • NJS Engineers India P Limited

JICA Assisted Agra Water Supply Project

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Playbook: AssetWise, HAMMER, MicroStation, ProjectWise, STAAD, WaterGEMS

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: WATER, WASTEWATER AND STORMWATER NETWORKS

Responsible for providing statewide water supply services in Uttar Pradesh, India, U.P. Jal Nigam government corporation initiated an improvement project to meet the increasing potable water demands of Agra city. The existing distribution pipe network is old and provided intermittent supply, requiring evaluation to identify loopholes and determine solutions to enable 24/7 delivery of adequate treated water to the growing city populace.

Using WaterGEMS, NJS Engineers India P Limited’s project team modeled the current distribution system and analyzed it under four different scenarios, providing the foundation for the hydraulic improvement and rehabilitation scheme. Integrating Bentley modeling and engineering applications with WaterGEMS, the team developed an existing water asset database, performed design reviews, and conducted structural analysis in a collaborative environment, streamlining workflows and processes throughout the project lifecycle. Bentley’s interoperable software shortened design review time, reduced drawing production by 35 percent, and saved INR 300 million on the project.

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