First order of CREALIS In-Motion-Charging for the city of Limoges, France

First order of CREALIS In-Motion-Charging for the city of Limoges, France

September 27, 2018

IVECO BUS has won its first order at the Hannover IAA Commercial Vehicles trade show from Limoges Métropole for the CREALIS In-Motion-Charging, recently named as the “Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019”. Unveiled on the opening day of the IAA, this new vehicle represents another significant advance in the field of electric mobility. 

Limoges Métropole has been using trolleybuses for more than 50 years and by investing in a new generation of electric vehicles, endorses its commitment to energy transition. By choosing the CREALIS In-Motion-Charging, the municipality demonstrates its desire to become a city where travel for its 208,000 residents will become increasingly less polluting and quieter.

Thanks to the success of locally manufactured, electrically powered vehicles in the city, Limoges is pushing ahead with the modernisation of its existing network. These new vehicles  – supplementing its fleet of nearly 30 trolleybuses already in service – will be used on the busiest routes. This order is a perfect fit for the city’s development plan to build a more sustainable transit system, and positons IVECO BUS as a key electromobility partner.

“As loyal trolleybus users for many decades, we are delighted to be the first in France to order this new generation of vehicles. CREALIS In-Motion-Charging confirms that electricity is the way forward for energy transition in public transport,” says M. Gérard Vandenbroucke, President of Limoges Métropole.

Specifically focused on the performance and profitability of a Zero Emissions package, IVECO BUS’s proposition with the CREALIS In-Motion-Charging is based on three main principles:

  • Zero-Emissions Mobility without compromising daily freedom of movement or climatic comfort.
  • Battery powered airline facilities to cover the distance between depot and terminus, to cope with traffic issues, and to streamline terminus infrastructures for turnarounds and historic tours.
  • Reduce the load on the electricity grid as consumption is maintained at a constant level on a daily basis.

This electric bus does not waste operating time to recharge its batteries, as they recharge automatically while it runs when connected to the overhead lines. Moreover, to preserve the architectural quality of town centers, CREALIS In-Motion-Charging vehicles can run on batteries for 25% to 40% percent of the route.

The 18-metre CREALIS In-Motion-Charging buses have demonstrated their environmental credentials, uncompromising performance, and versatility in both urban and suburban environments. The striking lines and livery of IVECO BUS’s high-volume rapid transit (BHNS) buses will make them a future icon.

“With this new In-Motion-Charging facility, we will continue to support all transport authorities that have decided to opt for electromobility. We are delighted that the city of Limoges has had the confidence to opt for our brand new electric CREALIS,” says Sylvain Blaise, Vice President of IVECO, in charge of IVECO BUS.

This new generation vehicle builds on the existing IVECO BUS range and has already received two international awards in recent months; the CREALIS In-Motion-Charging won the Public Transport Award in June in the “Move Green” Energy-Environment category, and has just been awarded the title “Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019” in the Urban category at the Hannover IAA Show.

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