Flight demonstrations at Expodrónica Air Show

Flight demonstrations at Expodrónica Air Show

The Airspace Integration Week, promoted by ATCA and Expodrónica, moves today Wednesday from 15:00 h. to the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome to host Expodrónica Air Show

Expodrónica Air Show, enmarcada en la Airspace Integration Week que impulsada de manera conjunta con ATCA, acogerá desde mañana miércoles y hasta el jueves 28, diversas demostraciones de casos de uso de drones en un espacio aeroportuario en el aeródromo de Cuatro Vientos.

The Spanish Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Héctor Gómez, will visit Expodrónica Air Show from 6:00 pm.

The demonstrations will start at 3:00 p.m. and will last until 8:00 p.m.. Later, at 20:30 hours, will take place the night show of Flock Drone Art in which 201 drones will fly simultaneously offering a unique show of lights and sound.

The flight demonstrations will mock up several scenarios such as an emergency rescue situation; the operation of the “nest” type structures such as charging stations that allow drones to be available in remote areas with the capacity to take off, fly and land autonomously. The companies and organizations that will perform the demonstrations are StockRC, Aerotools, Abionica Solutions, ITG, HP Drones, Benidorm Local Police, Madrid Municipal Police and SAMUR.

Besides, INECO, Madrid Local Police and ENAIRE will carry out a demonstration of the European project U-Elcome of which they are part and which will allow, for the first time, to test the deployment of the U-space: the set of services and procedures which facilitate, in a regulated and coordinated way in Europe, a safe and efficient access to the airspace for a large number of UAS, as well as their coexistence with manned aircraft in certain airspaces. ENAIRE has been designated as the sole provider of common information services (CISP) in Spain, which is necessary for the provision of U-space services.

World Space Summit (WOSS)

Cuatro Vientos Airtport will host a full program of presentations at the WOSS Theatre, including the III Space Legal Congress, which will analyze the needs of space regulation; the session on the challenges and opportunities of the space sector in the 2050 horizon and the new satellite technologies and their application to the management of manned and unmanned air traffic.

Next Thursday morning, September 28, WOSS will show 5 panels that will deep into the development of space operations in Spain about its needs, challenges and applications.

In addition, Expodrónica will host the IV LegalDrone Congress, focused on this occasion on the sound impact of the new urban mobility in cities.

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