FuchsRohr AluDrill: Pipe material critical factor in the pursuit of drilling efficiency

FuchsRohr AluDrill: Pipe material critical factor in the pursuit of drilling efficiency

October 19, 2017

Aluminum pipe FuchsRohr AluDrill has proven significant ROP improvement compared to steel pipes. Weight advantage provides up to 50% reduction in friction forces. FuchsRohr AluDrill will be highlighted at the SPE ATCE in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

The innovative, lightweight aluminum alloy pipe FuchRohr AluDrill significantly improves oil and gas drilling performance compared to standard steel pipes. Due to a distinct weight advantage, the pipes increase buoyancy and in turn reduce friction forces up to 50% versus steel drill pipe. Drilling tests in the Niobrara formation showed up to a 30% ROP improvement in sliding mode – the result of a more effective weight-to-bit transfer.

FuchsRohr AluDrill has proven performance in demanding horizontal drilling applications. Key attributes include the pipe’s flexibility and durability: The reduced weight and stiffness mean that torque and drag are reduced and weight can be transferred more efficiently to the bit.

The cutting-edge pipe solution was developed and marketed by OTTO FUCHS Drillings Solutions (OFDS), whose parent company OTTO FUCHS KG is a best-in-class German non-ferrous materials company with a client portfolio extending across the automobile, aerospace and engineering industries.

Looking forward to the upcoming SPE ATCE event in San Antonio, OFDS president Peter Kaufmann said: “Low margins have put significant pressure on the oil and gas sector. As drilling efficiency increasingly becomes an issue, next generation aluminum alloy pipe can play a key role. The potential for substantial cost reductions should not be underestimated.”

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