Netherlands-based port operator BCTN signed a contract with the Rotterdam Port Authority for the operation of a new Container Transferium in Alblasserdam, near Rotterdam. Intended to relieve the A15 motorway of 200,000 TEU of containers per year, the project included the construction of a barge server to transfer containers, bulk goods and general cargo from the nearby barge port to the container terminal. The project was planned in several steps over a period of three months.

After several weeks’ preparation, the barge server’s gantry was laid out in sections, assembled on the ground and lifted into position using a Terex® AC 500-2 and AC 700 all terrain cranes. With no more than a week to perform a series of intricate positioning and welding tasks, logistics providers Bolk Transport B.V. turned to Collé Rental & Sales for the equipment it needed to meet the deadline. Collé recommended two heavy duty Genie® S™-120 HD telescopic boom lifts, plus a Genie S-125 telescopic boom lift to provide the extra height needed to perform certain duties at the top of the 40 m barge server’s gantry.

Genie HD boom lifts: extremely reliable, tough and cost-effective

While providing the same smooth ease of operation and accurate positioning common to all Genie boom lifts, the protective features of Genie heavy duty boom lifts enable them to excel in harsh, salty and oxidizing conditions. They also stand up to weld slag, debris from cutting, impact damage and continuous intensive use in hostile environments.

“Thanks to the ability of Genie heavy duty boom lifts to withstand severe conditions, they are extremely reliable and cost-efficient to operate,” says Jan de Bos, Account Manager, Collé Rental & Sales, The Netherlands. “We own eight models and can certainly say that they are well-worth the investment.”

Built-in features adapted to challenging conditions

As part of their intensive week’s mission, the Genie S-125 boom lift and the two S-120 HD heavy duty units were relied on to help weld the barge server’s steel components together, connect its engine house, assemble and fix the engine house ladder to the main framework, and position the electric cables of the barge server’s lifting trolley into their respective reels.


Working intensively, often in conjunction with mobile cranes lifting heavy components, their high-strength, impact resistant steel platforms with padded bumpers, fire-resistant hose and cable sleeves and platform rotator shields, made the HD units particularly well suited to the task. In addition to being easy to operate, their sealed control box and joystick guards protected the operator controls from the accumulation of weld slag and debris.

Space to work comfortably

Finishing work on huge port cranes involves a wide range of tough and intricate jobs. Welding in particular requires close access and extremely precise movements. “In addition to their respective maximum working heights of 38.58 m (126.5 ft) and 40.15 m (131.7 ft) which provided the up-reach we needed, our operators found the machines particularly smooth and easy to use which helped save a lot of time,” says Mr. Hermann Kloppenburg, Project Supervisor for port crane manufacture Kocks Krane Gmbh. “The benefits of a 1.52 m (5 ft) long x 76 cm (2 ft 6 in) wide platform, which offered our operators the ability to work comfortably with all their tools, also avoided the need to descend the boom for multiple tool reloading sessions which was a great time saver.”

Smooth proportional controls

Performed in direct conjunction with mobile cranes, welding the engine house ladder is a particularly delicate process that requires careful coordination. A mobile crane and a Genie S-120 HD boom lift worked together with the former lifting up the ladder sections, and the latter raising two operators to position and weld the ladder sections onto the gantry. “This job can be very time-consuming. However, as a result of the Genie S-120 HD and Genie S-125 boom lifts’ intuitive proportional joystick controls, our operators handled this high-precision task easily and accurately” says Mr. Kloppenburg.

Safe, steady and precise

Once the 60 to engine house was positioned by two mobile cranes, the two Genie S-120 HD boom lifts then helped to connect its electric cables to the lower part of the bridge boom at a height of about 25 m (82 ft). “This job would simply not have been safe for our operators to handle from a mobile crane,” says Mr. Kloppenburg. “The Genie S-120 HD boom lifts proved extremely sturdy and stable which provided our operators the steady surface they needed to work confidently and productively.”

Time-saving full height drive function

The final stage of the job involved positioning the electric cables of the barge server’s lifting trolley. “This job involves threading the electric cables from the engine house into the cable reels that feed the lifting trolley,” explains Mr. Kloppenburg. “In addition to the smooth, accurate positioning provided by their proportional controls, the machines’ full-height drive function enabled our operators to move from one end of the gantry to the other without descending the boom. This was another advantage that enabled them to progress rapidly and succeed in completing the job within our deadline.”

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