Geobrugg Webinar series: Planning and maintenance of flexible natural hazard defence structures

Geobrugg Webinar series

We start 2022 with a knowledge booster for you and invite you to Geobrugg webinar series on planning and maintaining flexible natural hazard defense structures. The webinars are organized to focus on Nordic countries but are undoubtedly relevant to everyone. You are welcome to join us.

The Geobrugg webinar series aim at natural hazard and construction specialists, i.e., consultants, authorities, and contractors, who are designing and planning natural hazard defense structures. Developments, information, and answers to challenges for the planning of natural hazard mitigation structures will be covered.

Multiple loading of flexible defense structures

13 January 2022, Register now!

Extended testing of rockfall protection systems beyond the guidelines

28 January 2022, Register now!

Smart barriers and predictive maintenance

18 February 2022, Register now!

Slope stabilization & corrosion protection – Design and Experience

2 March 2022, Register now!

Anchoring of flexible natural hazard protection systems

17 March 2022, Register now!

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