Haulotte Platforms at FestiWall 2016

Haulotte Platforms at FestiWall 2016

Five world-famous street artists took part at the FestiWall 2016 event. Their artworks renewed the walls of the “Selvaggio” (“wild”) quarter of Ragusa, Sicily. They were supported by Haulotte aerial work platforms, supplied by Tecnofly to guarantee top levels of workability and safety.

Three weeks of art in the streets, of colours to renew the suburbs and technological equipment working for common good. This is the summary of FestiWall 2016, the Street Art exhibition that took place in Ragusa, Sicily, from September 12th to 27th. In its second year, the exhibition has already earned a place in the ten most significant Street Art events of the whole world.

This remarkable feat was achieved also due to the participation of some of the most renowned street artist of the planet, working in a quarter nicknamed “Selvaggio” (“wild”) to bring back colours to its walls and mostly dignity to its in-habitants. Backed by the City Council, the project was created by Vincenzo Cascone and Antonio Sortino, members of “Pandora”, a local cultural association.
For two weeks, Haulotte platforms helped the street artists to reach high in the sky and use the city walls as their own “canvas”. Their visual artworks, of huge dimensions and located in an uncomfortable urban environment, needed the aid of high quality aerial work platforms. They had to be, at the same time, reliable, quick and easy to operate.
These features were perfectly matched by Haulotte machines, supplied by Tecnofly srl of Misterbianco (Catania), a local Haulotte dealer.

As Caterina Fuina, Tecnofly srl CEO, explains: “We supplied Haulotte aerial work platforms of different heights. From a 43-mt telescopic-boom unit to a 26-mt one, to the 12-mt scissors. Having to work in an uncomfortable urban environment, with apartment buildings and blocks that were very difficult to access, we decided to use self-propelled platforms, as they are versatile and easy to operate. It must be underlined that those machines had to be driven by the artists themselves. The very fact that our platforms are at the same time very reliable and easy to use allowed them to work according to their specific needs and without losing any safety and efficiency”.

In a urban environment where public housing became a synonym of decay and social problems, “Festiwall” turned a whole skyline of huge buildings in an open-air gallery, thanks to the highly significant artworks displayed by the participants.

Agostino Iacurci, the only Italian art taking part in the event, painted “Ogni bene è mobile” (“Every asset is movable”): his work was inspired by the Val di Noto earthquake of 1693 and at the same time stands out as a metaphore of Italy’s current seismic.

U.S. artist Evoca1, in his first Italian appearance, produced a very touching artwork, too. He painted a face that, at the same time, evokes melancholy and hope, with a duplicity that is typical of his artistic approach.

Fintan Magee, who was working in Italy before the event, has chosen via Berlinguer for one of his human portraits that earned him the nickname of “the Australian Banksy”, despite he says he feels a bit uncomfortable about this moniker.

A whole different style was displayed by German artist Sat One, who lighted up the facade of the Festival’s HQ with a colourful diptych, imagining the walls were two clashing entities.

An alternative route was followed by Spanish artist Hyuro as well, as her artwork, opposite the City’s market, was inspired by local anarchist writer Maria Occhipinti, in the twentieth anniversary of her decease.

Different artworks by different artists, but all with a crucial common trait. Every artist taking part at “FestiWall 2016” was able to show their capabilities thanks to Tecnofly, as they supplied Haulotte aerial work platforms that were necessary to reach the heights of the chosen buildings.

“Tecnofly was very happy to support FestiWall 2016″, Caterina Fuina continues. “Pandora asked for our contribution and it was our pleasure to accept. The renewal of degraded blocks through the work of world-famous street artists stands out as a project with deep social effects. Furthermore, I would like to underline how this year’s edition highlighted the role of women, a subject that well deserves our attention, especially in these troubled times. We’re proud of demonstrating the quality of our offer and our services in such a relevant context”.

A successful event that not only confirmed the quality of Haulotte platforms, but also underlined their versatility, in a very different environment from those building sites or industrial works where they usually operate.

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