Hiab launches mobile app MyHiab for operators

Hiab launches mobile app MyHiab for operators

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the MyHiab mobile app, to improve operator productivity and safety. The digital companion provides features and content about Hiab equipment throughout its lifecycle. It also establishes a communication channel between Hiab and the end-users. 

MyHiab provides operators with immediate access to the tools they need to better plan their working day and troubleshoot when things are not working as expected. If they need further assistance the app enables them to call their nearest Hiab service centre. In the initial release, Hiab can contact end-users directly with essential information about the equipment and proactive service information. 

“Hiab operators are our biggest fans and the most influential advocates of our solutions. This app is designed to support and simplify their workday and is our way of giving something back. It also makes it possible for us to reach them directly and learn more about their challenges to create better solutions for tomorrow,” says Michael Bruninx, Senior Vice President, Services, Hiab. 

The app can be downloaded in local language versions from Apple’s App Store and Google Play in Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and the US. More markets and language versions will be added during the year. The initial release contains mostly content about HIAB loader cranes, MULTILIFT demountables and MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts. However, there is also content of interest for users of other Hiab load handling equipment. 

While the app enhances the operators’ understanding of their equipment, it will also provide essential data, encrypted, to Hiab. This information will be used to improve Hiab’s services and product development.

“MyHiab makes it possible to have daily touchpoints with our users, not limited to visits to workshops or on-road assistance. We aim to have an industry leading service experience and this is a natural evolvement of our HIPERFORM offering,” adds Michael Bruninx. 

HIPERFORM is a suite of smart solutions to maximise the Hiab equipment lifecycle value by optimising the performance and productivity of operators, equipment and fleets.

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