HIMOINSA extends its Stationary Range to 90 kVA

HIMOINSA extends its Stationary Range to 90 kVA

The HS | Stationary range, which until now has consisted of generator sets ranging from 10 to 50 kVA, now includes new models up to 90 kVA. This extended range includes FPT engines and has been integrated into the HS40 canopy. At the same time and following the positive reception that the incorporation of the 10 to 50 Kva models has had in the market, HIMOINSA‘s R&D team is continuing to work on the development of new generator sets that will allow the company to extend its Stationary Range to higher power ratings.

Not only has the modular and versatile design of HIMOINSA’s Stationary Range made it one of the most competitive products on the fixed installations market, but it also features four different canopy sizes that can house different models depending on the power.

The main objective of the HS generator sets has always been to develop a product that can adapt to the real needs of stationary installations, maintaining 100% HIMOINSA product quality by selecting top quality brands for all its components and accessories. Their canopies guarantee high levels of anti-rust and anti-oxidation, thereby maintaining their best-in-class position in the market.

The engines used for the first 10 to 50 Kva phase of the project have been designed by Yanmar exclusively for HIMOINSA’s stationary range. And this second 60 to 90 Kva phase features FPT engines and will soon be expanded with the development of new higher power models.

Ever since the HS Range was launched on the market at the end of 2020, many projects have demanded these units for fixed installations where they work both continuously and in emergency situations, in such sectors as industry, residential, commercial etc., thanks to the reliability of the units’ response, their durability and their resilience.


The HS Range has been designed to guarantee a user-friendly installation of the generator set. That is why it incorporates anchorage points for the installation of standardised lifting rings. It also features an extraction kit that facilitates the handling of the genset during checks, maintenance work, or the installation of the different fuel tanks without the need for a bridge crane. The lifting and extraction kits are optional, as are the lifting skids for forklifts.

The new design includes fully removable doors to provide full access to the interior of the machine to carry out maintenance and to clean the internal components; at the same time, this makes it possible to reduce the space required during the installation process when the generator set is located inside a room and/or a building.


HS generator sets incorporate two distribution cable entries that provide easy connection and operation; a lower front entry that reduces the genset’s footprint and an alternative lower side entry to facilitate connections in accordance with the specifications and conditions of each installation. Both include a protective aluminium cover to prevent the entry of elements from the outside.


The canopy features self-extinguishing polyurethane foam and high-density rock wool. We have also worked hard to optimize the location and layout of the air intakes, thus mitigating the sound emissions and preventing water from entering the machine.

The HS range proposes a new silencer design which ensures comfortable sound emission levels in industrial environments and offers the possibility of installing a sound attenuation kit, depending on the project’s requirements.

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