Himoinsa guarantees the supply of electricity of Casablanca’s Finance Center

Himoinsa guarantees the supply of electricity of Casablanca's Finance Center

Two of HIMOINSA‘s HDW-750 T5 generator sets will guarantee the supply of electricity to the CFC Tower, the first building in the new Casablanca’s Finance Center. The 26 floors of the tower will contain offices and the headquarters of banks and financial institutions for whom any manner of power cut could entail losses of millions. In case of a network failure, both generator sets will start working in parallel and will be able to supply, depending on the demand, up to 1.3MW of stand-by power.

HIMOINSA’s engineering team has redesigned the generators’ standard canopy in order to adapt it to the rather small room in which they will be housed, into the new Casablanca’s Finance Center. As the height of the room precluded a high-level air outlet, the exhaust system has been changed ad hoc to expel the gases and the hot air from the radiator from the front.

HIMOINSA’s ability to adapt the design and manufacture of its gensets has been fundamental in the project’s success. According to Oger International’s Redouane Mouzani, the project’s Head of Engineering, HIMOINSA was “the only company able to come up with a technical engineering solution adapted to the limitations of the room in the installation.” “We chose HIMOINSA because of their flexibility in designing and manufacturing the gensets, and because their engineering team works so quickly”, Mouzani adds.

Karim Housni Alaoui, the Project Head for CEGELEC, the company in charge of the CFC tower project, states that one of the highest percentages of their budget was dedicated to the purchase of generator sets: “We had to be sure we were choosing the best generator for us and for our client. We chose HIMOINSA because they guaranteed an excellent after-sales service, a high availability of replacement parts, a quality product and because of how they quickly resolved the engineering challenges that the project presented.”

The generator sets incorporate a DS8610 control unit that allows them to work in parallel. Also, to comply with the French NFE37312_61940 standard, an additional control unit has been included so that, in the event of a failure in the main control unit, at least one of the generators will keep running.

This project of the new Casablanca’s Finance Center has been undertaken through Morenergy for Africa, HIMOINSA’s distributor in Morocco. Their CEO, Sabir Zouhir says, “HIMOINSA is an excellent brand with excellent production times and really agile and dynamic technical and commercial support teams.”

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