Hitachi presents the 30m reach ZX350LC-5 CTA

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) will introduce a ZX350LC-5 clamshell telescopic excavator with a maximum vertical digging depth of 30 metres at Bauma. Ideal for earthmoving and excavation projects below ground level, it reaches five metres further than the existing ZX350LC-5 fitted with clamshell telescopic arm (CTA), and also has a larger bucket capacity to enhance productivity on the job site.

Like all Zaxis-5 medium excavators, the ZX350LC-5 CTA has a TRIAS hydraulic system, which helps to boost efficiency by increasing the extension and retraction speed of the clamshell telescopic arm. The high-capacity 1.55m3 clamshell bucket (compared to 1.3m3 on the existing ZX350LC-5 CTA with 25m reach) has a powerful pull-up force, and can load trucks quickly and efficiently using an ejector function. A device that reduces jolts can speed up positioning in underground operations and while unloading.

A roller-support sliding mechanism increases the clamshell bucket cylinders’ capacity. This enhances durability and allows the machine to dig deeper and more productively. The reinforced front idler and adjuster cylinder also contribute to greater durability.

In addition to increased productivity, the special application excavator has several beneficial features to deliver high levels of versatility, and comfort and safety, as well as easy maintenance.

Hitachi Zaxis-5 clamshell telescopic excavators have been designed to work on job sites with a limited load-bearing capacity as well as in confined spaces. The reduced operating weight and ground pressure makes them suitable for working on a variety of projects.

The sliding cab of the ZX350LC-5 CTA excavator provides both comfort and safety for operators. It is positioned 960mm further forwards than the cab of a conventional Hitachi model and has the capacity to slide a further 1,300mm forward, providing greater visibility through the glass floor. To reduce vibrations and jolts experienced in the cab, Hitachi has redesigned the cab’s sliding mechanism from roller to slide-plate. The cab also features a seven-inch colour LCD monitor and ergonomically designed control switches that are within easy reach of the operator’s right hand.

Following customer feedback on the importance of easy maintenance to maximise availability, Hitachi engineers integrated several time-saving design features within the ZX350LC-5 CTA. Among these are the conveniently accessible fuel filters, engine oil filter, water separator and pilot filter, which can all be checked at ground level.

Martin Visser, HCME Product Sales Representative Special Equipment, says: “The ultimate aim behind the Zaxis-5 range of clamshell telescopic excavators was to produce machines that enable our customers to complete underground construction projects safely and on schedule.

“This latest model enables them to reach further and work more efficiently than with previous machines, and we are looking forward to presenting it to our customers at Bauma.”

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