Hitachi presents the new ZW310-6 wheel loader at Bauma

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) will exhibit the new ZW310-6 wheel loader at Bauma. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of the European market, the new model offers exceptional levels of performance without compromising on efficiency, thanks to low levels of fuel consumption.

Built using market-leading technology in Japan, the ZW310-6 has been developed with the environment, and operator comfort and safety in mind. Ideal for a wide range of applications, it is extremely versatile and offers an exceptional standard of reliability.

The new engine is EU Stage IV-compliant and does not require a diesel particulate filter, which reduces maintenance costs. Combined with the lock-up transmission, it enhances fuel efficiency while travelling and when driving uphill the machine speed is further enhanced.

Hitachi’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is also designed to comply with EU Stage IV emission regulations and lessen the wheel loader’s impact on the environment. The SCR system injects urea into exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxide from emissions.

Several features of the ZW310-6 ensure it is one of the safest wheel loaders in its class. Visibility of the job site is excellent thanks to the 360° panoramic view from the spacious cab and the rear-view camera. Changes to the wheel loader’s design, such as the repositioning of the muffler and air intake, have also enhanced the rear-view visibility.

The comfort of operators is also considered in the design. Noise levels in the cab are reduced by improved sound insulation, providing a quieter working environment. To ensure a smooth driving experience on all kinds of terrain, the ride control feature minimises pitching via the movement of lift arm cylinders.

A smooth operation and exceptional control are ensured by the optional Joystick Steering System, which enables operators to reach high levels of productivity with effortless steering. The multifunctional LCD monitor in the cab also makes life easier, showing vital information at a glance.

A number of features contribute to the versatility of the ZW310-6. The quick power switch increases engine output when more power is instantly required, or for driving uphill. The simultaneous movement of the bucket and lift arm ensures an efficient digging operation. Efficient loading is ensured by a 25% improvement in traction force compared to the previous model.

Robust materials and strengthened components have enhanced the durability of the new wheel loader. These include high-quality aluminium radiators, which improve resistance to corrosion. The ZW310-6 also has easy maintenance features for a high level of reliable performance. The covers open fully for convenient access to the engine and downtime for scheduled maintenance has been reduced to a minimum.

HCME Wheel Loader Specialist Vasilis Drougkas says, “The all-round visibility and low-noise performance of Hitachi wheel loaders makes them stand out from the competition. They offer a comfortable working environment for operators, and a smooth and efficient operation for a variety of job sites.”

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