HUMBAUR at the heart of bauma 2016 a wide range of new trailers for the industry

When bauma 2016 opens on April 11th, HUMBAUR will be one of the stars of the show. A wide range of new and improved products from the world of HUMBAUR construction trailers will be presented over a total of 840 m² of stand space. The main attraction will definitely be the new HTD 50, a five-axle turntable flatbed trailer that easily handles heavy construction plant and can be used for a wide range of applications. Another highlight will be the Humbaur HTS30 semi-trailer with hydraulic forced steering. Also on display will be HUMBAUR’s extensive portfolio of trailers for the primary and secondary construction industry, such as car trailers, flatbeds, three-way tippers and multi-purpose trailers for material transport work. In addition an incredible all-rounder will be on show: the 19 t HTK tandem three-way tipper.

Two new products from Humbaur – the HK 254018-20 PF18 workshop trailer and the 154020-23S PF18 construction trailer – offer unbeatable flexibility for construction and development companies. Individuality gives both models an edge. Both trailers can easily be brought by car and left on site to be used as a mobile workshop and a place for staff to sit.

As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of vehicle trailers, HUMBAUR can respond flexibly to customer needs, and offers customised versions in addition to the standard trailer models. The HUMBAUR Sales Team will be on hand to offer advice and solutions at this leading international fair. If you’d like to find out more, please visit this link for all of the key details and news.

Visitors to the joint Humbaur/Kögel stand, FN.827/5 in Open Air Area North, will also be able to see the large range of construction products from Kögel. In keeping with its trade fair slogan, “The beating heart of the industry”, Kögel will have leading edge exhibits which provide what the construction industry demands: quality, reliability and practicality.

Infinitely flexible: the 5-axle turntable flatbed trailer

HUMBAUR’s latest addition is the HTD 50, a 5-axle turntable flatbed trailer, capable of taking an unbelievable 40 t of plant and equipment. The 5-axle trailer is now the premium model in HUMBAUR’s heavy-duty trailer range. Trailers in the HTD and HTS ranges (turntable flatbed trailers and semi-trailers) are the tough guys – and perfect for transporting the real heavyweights in construction machinery. They have no trouble handling diggers, construction plant and heavy equipment weighing up to 40 t. Especially flat loading ramps – which can be fitted with ancillary hydraulics if required – guarantee safe, no-stress loading. This also makes transporting machinery with minimal chassis clearance as easy as 1-2-3. In-transit safety is guaranteed by professional load securing and an EBS braking system with air suspension. The accessory package is also well worth a look: additional stanchion recesses and lashing points, climbing aids on the ramps and a choice of different drawbar designs all offer options for customer-specific fittings that are tailored precisely to the user’s requirements.

Takes heavy equipment for a piggyback ride – the HTS semi-trailer

The HUMBAUR HTS semi-trailer has no problem getting even the heaviest of construction plant onto its shoulders. With its low unloaded weight, the welded, fine-grain steel trailer can be used for a wide range of applications. Construction vehicles like diggers, earthmovers, road pavers, plus building machinery and heavy equipment can be easily loaded and transported.

The HTS has a hydraulically controlled steering system which gives it excellent cornering and makes it outstanding for everyday transport challenges. Increasing traffic, narrow roads, growing urbanisation and the proliferation of roundabouts are no problem with the innovative hydraulic forced steering. Companies profit twice over – more places become accessible and in money terms too the system pays for itself e.g. with less wear on the tyres and savings on fuel. A remote control system can also be ordered as an option. Remote steering is most often needed with very large trailers. Manual remote steering generally costs time and effort. This problem can be solved with automatic remote steering. The benefits of the system are: functions which are easy to use, a menu structure which is simple to understand, several languages, remote control by radio or cable, easy-to-install pre-assembled components and an emergency operation mode which works without electricity.

Also handy: when used with the optionally-available container locks, the HTS is also ideal for container transportation. The adjustable kingpin means the semi-trailer can fit tractor trucks with either two or three axles.

The amazing all-rounder – the new 19 t HTK Tandem Three-Way Tipper

Companies who need maximum flexibility from their vehicle pool will be over-the-moon about this latest product development: this new 19 t tandem three-way tipper ticks all the boxes for a flexible, multi-purpose heavy transport trailer. Since it can move more than just bulk goods such as gravel, earth or loose material, Another advantage is the fact that this tough tipper can be towed by any suitable HGV and offers superior driving performance for difficult terrain – a strikingly rugged model that’s specifically designed for multi-purpose use. Ultra-low load height adjustment is possible, using the air suspension.

The chevron-shaped draw tube, motorised hydraulic three-way tipping system and five-stage hard chrome plated cylinder with stroke limitation all ensure optimum tipping results. A breakdown coupling and 6 t lashing points at the front are naturally provided.

The talent for all seasons – the new 353718 Multi Trailer

Loading and tipping – the Humbaur 353718 Multi Trailer is THE multi talent. It can be used as a bulk goods, package freight or vehicle transporter and is no trouble to operate. It has tough equipment to match the uses it is put to. The strong welded construction and proven HUMBAUR workmanship guarantee durability even in extreme conditions. It can also transport machines as it is tiltable on three sides by means of a five-step hydraulic cylinder and has an integrated loading ramp. The drive-up angle is gentle making it easy to drive on to the cargo bed. There is also an option to mount a strong cable winch frame with a cable winch which makes it very easy to pull vehicles on to the trailer.

As well as all these refinements, the Multi Trailer can also manage material transport – whether loose, on pallets or in boxes. This professional trailer with a load capacity of 2,400 kg combines the best of the HTK and MTK Allcomfort ranges.

Construction trailer and workshop trailer – amazing flexibility

It’s a brilliant idea, and yet so simple: with the workshop trailer there’s always a workshop on site – set up to meet your individual requirements perfectly. It can easily be brought by car, it is lockable and it can be left on site; but it can also quickly be moved if there a need for a workshop somewhere else. It is fitted with reliable Sortimo vehicle racking so that everything is not only on hand: it is organised and safely stowed in the right place too.

The construction trailer mobile common room has only the name in common with the construction trailers of the past: it is a pleasant, warm, dry sitting room where the workers can relax and recharge their batteries. With a folding table and comfortable benches which also fold away, electric hook-up and optional fridge, fan heater and coffee machine, the construction trailer also has lockers and shelf baskets for storing work clothing. Small pallets and valuable pieces of equipment can be transported safely and kept securely in the construction trailer as well. It’s a must see.

The workshop trailer and construction trailer have been designed on the basis of the proven HUMBAUR box trailer and manufactured with PurFerro sandwich panels. PurFerro is the long life material of the future. Using it is a sign of HUMBAUR’s commitment to progress.

From a compact single-axle trailer to a 50-tonner.

Alongside new products and vehicle trailers for heavy construction equipment, HUMBAUR will also be presenting a wide-ranging selection of multi-purpose car trailers. Single-axle and tandem-axle models offering up to three-way tipping will be on display, plus universal trailers with a choice of loading ramps.

The new HUK 272715 tandem rear tipper and the tandem-axle HS 353718 with steel loading ramp are especially worth a look. These multi purpose trailers can be used for a wide range of everyday applications in the transport of light and medium sized construction machinery and diggers as well as any goods or other machines needed on a building site.

All products are ‘Made in Germany’ and manufactured from high-quality components by industry specialists. This is the quality that pays off in our customer’s day-to-day work.

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