IDOM launches its DARB system for Abu Dhabi public transport

IDOM launches its DARB system for Abu Dhabi public transport

During the 2017 Esri Spain Conference, IDOM has presented its DARB web application (road in Arabic), which aims to provide users with an integral platform. Users can consult all information related to public transport. Also, it aims to reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, they have developed the mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT) selected IDOM to develop a Transport Information System for Passenger and Planners: DARB, which is based on spatial information technologies.

DARB aims to provide a set of tools to promote the use of public transport among the citizen as well as to help the planners in their daily tasks.

Tunnels & Infrastructures talked to Mohamed Al Naqbi, GIS Specialist at Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT), who explained the functions of the DARB web application, at 2017 Esri Spain Conference:


Integration with other Enterprose systems is going to provide multiple data which can be dealt in a common way to get more accurate conclusions about the mobility in the Emirate as well as the behavior patterns of its citizen. Some of the systems providing data are:

  • CUBE: Transport Modelling System
  • DIVA: Scheduling Information System
  • AVM: Automated Vehicle Management System
  • ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems
  • CPMS: Central Parking Management Systems

DARB is packaged in three different modules:

  • Smart Solutions for Public: with reliable information on driving directions, car travel maps, bus schedules and maps. It also provides real time traffic information. And now, the users can plan for the first time their routes by bus between any two different points in the emirate using the “Bus Trip Planner” feature.
  • Smart Solutions for Planners: provides spatial information generated by the different divisions and tools that help to analyze and manipulate this information.
  • Smart Solutions for Executives: oriented to those executives who need to know the real traffic status at a glance.

Mobile versions are supported by iOS and Andorid devices.

DARB was awarded in the 2015 ESRI International Conference with the “User Application fair winner”. 

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