Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: UTILITIES AND INDUSTRIAL ASSET PERFORMANCE

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: UTILITIES AND INDUSTRIAL ASSET PERFORMANCE

October 18, 2018

Bentley Systems announced the finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards in the category of Utilities and Industrial Asset Performance for going digital advancements in infrastructure:

  • Oman Gas Company S.A.O.C

Asset Performance Solution for Reliability Management

Al-Khuwair, Muscat, Oman

Project Playbook: AssetWise

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: UTILITIES AND INDUSTRIAL ASSET PERFORMANCE

Oman Gas Company S.A.O.C. transmits and distributes gas to 4.4 million people and most of the area’s key economic industry facilities. To ensure consistent availability of its product, the company developed a reliability and integrity program based on a digitized, automated framework, reducing human intervention to avoid human fault analysis and improve resource effectiveness. The company needed a single common platform as a database for reliability and maintenance because the gas company’s assets are widely spread across Oman.

The organization digitized, automated, and compiled all reliability and integrity data and management tasks into one platform with AssetWise. The software calculates reliability and availability for each asset and generates automated weekly reminders to ensure timely corrective action of root cause analysis recommendations. Integrating handheld devices for operators to upload readings and receive alerts ensures all anomalies are identified quickly and overseen by the appropriate personnel. This digitized system has reduced failures and improved reliability performance by 9 percent, saving approximately USD 24 million.

  • Vedanta Limited – Cairn Oil and Gas

Well Integrity and Flow Assurance Management

States of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat, India

Project Playbook: AssetWise

  • Volgogradnefteproekt LLC

Object Modeling and Life Cycle Management: Project Implementation and Commissioning

Volgograd region, Russia

Project Playbook: AECOsim Building Designer, AssetWise, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, eB, MicroStation, OpenPlant, ProSteel

Finalists for Year in Infrastructure 2018 Awards: UTILITIES AND INDUSTRIAL ASSET PERFORMANCE

The offshore drilling platform at the Vladimir Filanovsky Oil and Gas Field is currently under construction. Volgogradnefteproekt, LLC developed a system to model the structure and associated assets to provide technical support during the construction process and serve as the basis for lifecycle asset management. Having previously developed working documentation for the construction information model, the company could modify the model to function as a digital asset. Volgogradnefteproekt used the model for conducting analytics related to procurement and construction, as well as for tracking and analyzing the impact of changes for asset lifecycle operations management.

The organization used Bentley’s 3D modeling technology to develop the structural model of the offshore platform to visualize the entire structure, as well as its separate parts. Integrating AssetWise, the team tracked the lifecycles and analyzed changes incorporated as part of the future digital asset. The interoperability of Bentley technology enabled the team to derive information from the already developed working documentation, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in labor costs related to technical support. Using a lifecycle modeling approach during construction improved efficiency and decision making and resulted in the creation of the structure’s digital asset without additional labor.

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