INTERMAT, One of the World’s Largest Construction Industry Trade Shows, Moves to ASEAN

INTERMAT, One of the World’s Largest Construction Industry Trade Shows, Moves to ASEAN

INTERMAT moves onto the international scene and creates INTERMAT ASEAN for the first time in Southeast Asia.

INTERMAT, the international trade show for construction machinery and materials, which is among the top 3 construction shows worldwidehas officially associated with IMPACT, a Thai trade show organizer, to create a new INTERMAT ASEAN show which will provide the best access to the construction industry in the entire ASEAN region.

The first edition of INTERMAT ASEAN will take place in Bangkok, from 8th to 10th of June 2017.

ASEAN is one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-growing regions. Thailand has been selected as the launch pad for INTERMAT ASEAN because of the high value of its upcoming construction projects by the public and private sectors.Here, Thailand has been positioned as the leading nation in Southeast Asia in terms of the growth and potential of its construction industry.

The recently announced major economic support programme by the Thai government aimed at boosting the nation’s construction industry will see more than BT1.7trn ($47.7bn) worth of infrastructure projects implemented through to 2020. In addition, Bangkok currentlyhas one of the highest numbers (more than 10,000 buildings of minimum size of 1,000 sqm) of commercial and residential buildings in ASEAN. The commercial and residential developments are expected to continue its strong growth to contribute 25% more buildings to Thailand by 2025. Also, the Housing Business Association is also estimating that the real estate industry could grow by at least 10 per cent in 2016.

With the Thai Shopping Centre Association announcing that shopping mall developers are spending Bt150 billion ($4.3bn) from this year to 2017 to expand their retail space from 18 to 21 million square meters in three years.Other retail developments are also estimated to more than double by 2020, as Thailand is rapidly evolving into a major retail hub in the region. All these factors make the Thai construction industry an exciting one with significant growth potential in the next decade to become the rightful hub of the industry in Southeast Asia.

INTERMAT ASEAN will present a complete range of products that suits the region’s needs: production and use of construction materials, earthmoving, civil engineering, concrete manufacture, buildings and work sites, lifting, handling,drilling, boring,road infrastructure, mining and quarry equipment, vehicles and transportation, components and accessories, demolition, recycling, among other.

Fully backed by the key Thai authorities with the exclusive support of the Thai Contractors Association, this trade show will also display the latest innovations in relation with the regional needs, and conferences that aim to assist ASEAN countries in their development.

This new event is in line with the international aim of INTERMAT to help build efficient andsustainable infrastructure in different parts of the world. INTERMAT ASEAN will bring to the this market a trend-setting platform that will unite and lead the ASEAN construction industry towards higher industry standards as well as better success and greater recognition on the world stage.

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