Interview with GM Group at MATELEC 2016

Interview with GM Group at MATELEC 2016

MATELEC is the International Lounge of Solutions for Electric and Electronic Industry. It took place at IFEMA, in Madrid (Spain), on 25th to 28th October 2016. Microzanjas participated in this event, with plastic ducts and pipes for the telecommunication and electricity sectors of GM Group, among other products. This company is a supplier in the industry of high-technology pipes, cables and systems for energy and telecommunications. Claus Nygaard, Internal Export Salesmanager, has talken with Tunnels & Infrastructures about Flatliners and Multiducts.


GM Plast: New and improved Flatliner

GM Plast never stops looking for perfection, never stops developing better products that can save time and costs in your network.

With the latest design GM Plast has build in a small profile as a “spacer” between the micro ducts, this gives the product a higher stability and therefore also better blowing performance.

The new spacer supports also the micro ducts in the case of cross or tensile that can appear when installers are building millions of meters of new trenches.

They have analyzed hundreds of thousands of meters of pipes in the ground and carefully reviewed the installation techniques, their conclusion has been that many of the product on the market are too fragile when it comes to “real rollout”.

Most products pass the desk trail and the small scale test, but when you have to build 10.000 houses every year, they have to make the products easy to handle, easy to understand, easy to repair and strong enough that normal civil workers can use it.

The change does not look like much, and it does not change much in the way it is handled, but we could recognize a big difference in the quality of the installed network.B est proven by the blowing teams that install the cables.

More information and how to work with Flatliner.

HD Flatliner

The HD Flatliner is an even stronger version of the Temperature Stable Flatliner. Stronger than anything seen before.

Besides the temperature-stabilizing qualities, the HD Flatliner presents a tensile strength of an unprecedened nature. The construction of the pipe is the same as in the Temperature Stable Flatliner. The difference is that we in the HD Flatliner have even stronger fiber rods. This feature makes it ideal for both plowing or underpassing.

Multiducts and Multi SUB

The GM Multiduct is a high quality product, developed and produced in their factory in Hedensted. They test the products constantly to ensure they can deliver the best possible quality.

The Multiduct is produced with a UV stabilized HDPE outer sheet, and the ducts inside the Multiduct are made from Prime Virgin raw materials, and they have a micro-ribbed co-extruded lubricant low friction inner surface layer to increase the blowing length. The ducts are suitable for all direct buried applications.

GM production is capable of producing a wide range of Multiduct inner duct and accessory combinations. Between the options of having multiple different inner duct sizes, a heavy duty outer layer, ripcord and/or a trace wire, you can create your own GM Multiduct that fits perfectly into your existing network and you can create one that fits your current work methods.

They also offer a large selection of standardized Multiducts that can be color coded to fit your needs.

Interview with GM Group at MATELEC 2016

  • GM Multi SUB

GM’s Multi SUB (the SUB = Subduct is a thin wall microduct always used with protection duct) is a high quality product produced in their factory in Hedensted under strict and constant surveillance.

SUB LOOSE. The microduct is laying loose in the protection pipe.

SUB SKIN Ducts are produced with a SKIN that will fixate and protect them. That is done to ensure that they don’t schrink into the protection duct in the winter and to increase the performance of blowing.

SUB FIX Microducts are fixed inside the protection duct.

More information about Multiducts and Multi SUB here.

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