A new IVECO BUS delivery guarantees improved extra-urban transport in Puglia

A new IVECO BUS delivery guarantees improved extra-urban transport in Puglia

October 2, 2018

Last September 27, in Bari, at the Fiera del Levante, IVECO BUS delivered 294 buses to Co.Tr.A.P, the consortium of public transport companies within the Puglia region, and trustee of financed interurban services for more than 50 million km every year, spread over 55 companies in the consortium, seven of which are public, and which directly manages three bus routes in the Province of Bari (Andria – Bari Z.I., Bitonto – Santo Spirito and Corato – Trani).

The purchase of these vehicles, 70% of which was backed by regional funding, was finalised to modernise a consortium fleet of 1704 interurban and 145 urban vehicles, which transports more than 32 million passengers every year, and reduces the average age of vehicles in circulation from 16 to 11, consistent with commitments undertaken as regards respect for the environment and public statements in the document “Politica per la Qualità e l’Ambiente” (Quality and Environmental Policy), as well as in the Service Charter.

It is an important supply that will replace more than 15% of the fleet in circulation, with the challenging objective to make transport in Puglia more efficient.

Undisputed key players involved include over 60 Evadys, fitted with Cursor 9 Hi-SCR 400 HP engines, in a 12 m and a 13 m version, 22 12 m Crossway Low Entry and 212 Crossway, all with Cursor 9 Hi-SCR 360 HP engines and ZF Ecolife automatic gearboxes.

All vehicles are equipped with an electro-hydraulic lift, making it easier for passengers with reduced mobility to board, a single front door and double central door, tinted windows, reclining seats with vandal-proof upholstery, fire protection system and air conditioning; a collection of technological solutions and fittings designed to ensure both maximum safety and comfort on board as well as optimal performance, and a significant reduction in fuel consumption and more time between maintenance intervals, thanks to the HI-SCR post-treatment system with diesel particulate filter (DPF). These features have ensured these vehicles are market leaders across Europe, confirmed by the fact they continue to be the choice of private customers and public entities, via an effective response to the need for high quality standards, durability and ever-increasing attention to the environmental impact and sustainability.

The commitment that IVECO BUS undertakes as regards innovation, performance and safety, and technological excellency that puts people and the environment at the centre of the business, marry perfectly with the objectives of the consortium, which shares its vision and for its activities requires reliable, high performing products with the aim to ensure passengers are fully satisfied.

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