JCB Hydradig’s Tier 4 Final engine update delivers fuel savings

JCB Hydradig's Tier 4 Final engine update delivers fuel savings

JCB is upgrading the 110W Hydradig wheeled tool carrier, with the installation of a Tier 4 Final JCB EcoMAX diesel engine. Hydradig has established a completely new market segment in Europe since its launch in 2016, delivering unparalleled visibility, stability, manoeuvrability, mobility and serviceability.

The Hydradig Tier 4 Final JCB EcoMAX diesel engine features:

  • SCR with DEF additive resulting in no requirement for a DPF
  • Minimum 4% fuel saving over previous engine
  • Very low 2% DEF use, reducing downtime
  • NOx emissions reduced by 88% for lower environmental impact

Attachment carrier

JCB’s Hydradig wheeled tool carrier is taking on the latest Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV compliant JCB EcoMAX diesel engine, equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This highly efficient engine, which delivers a powerful 81kW (108hp), uses a Urea-based Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) additive that is injected into the exhaust system to reduce potentially harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by 88%.

Improved efficiency within the engine results in fuel savings of up to 4%, despite producing the same power and torque as the previous machine, cutting operating costs for customers. The machine is equipped with a 19-litre DEF tank and with a minimal 2% DEF use this will only require a refill with every sixth tank of diesel, minimising downtime. The Hydradig was designed from the outset to accommodate the Tier 4 Final EcoMax engine, the revised exhaust system the DEF tank and dosing equipment, so there is no change to component packaging or the excellent service access on offer. There is also no requirement for either DEF tank coolers or heaters within this system.

Initial demand for the Hydradig concept from within Europe has already far exceeded expectations, with customers quick to adopt the machine’s versatility and multiple tool carrying abilities. The wheeled machine delivers unmatched visibility from the cab thanks to its innovative design, which puts the engine and transmission in the lower section of the chassis. This lowered centre of gravity boosts Hydradig’s stability, while its all-wheel steer chassis delivers unparalleled manoeuvrability on site and market-leading levels of mobility on the road.

With the installation of JCB’s proven EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine, Hydradig will now be made available in North American markets, where it is expected to prove equally popular

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