JCB launches the JZ141 crawler excavator with no AdBlue

JCB launches the JZ141 crawler excavator with no AdBlue

JCB has introduced the JZ141 crawler excavator, combining similar performance to the outgoing JZ140, with the proven 55kW JCB EcoMAX engine solution from the conventional tailswing JS131. The reduced swing JZ141 is the only 15-tonne class crawler excavator to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or an exhaust fluid additive.

Key features include:

  • No AdBlue or DPF regeneration
  • Less complex engine installation
  • Up to 20% fuel saving over the JZ140
  • Reduced noise levels in-cab and externally
  • Reduced tailswing design ideal for confined site conditions
  • Improved JCB LiveLink telematics data
  • Performance and economy

The JZ141 has been designed for rental and contracting customers, delivering a reduced swing machine with no requirement for AdBlue or DPF regeneration. Building on the successful design of the popular JZ140, the JZ141 uses larger 130 litre/min hydraulic pumps, to maintain overall maximum pump flow, while allowing the engine speed to be reduced from 2,050rpm to just 1,800rpm. This results in reduced noise levels of just 70dB internally, with up to a 20% improvement in fuel consumption.

The JZ141 boasts a tailswing that is 29% shorter than a conventional machine of this weight. This makes it easier to operate in confined urban site conditions and reduces the risk of damage to the rear of the machine. The JZ141 can also operate within a single traffic carriageway, offering improved utilisation for rental companies and contractors.

With a heavy counterweight and innovative positioning of the engine and hydraulic components, this crawler excavator has an optimal centre of gravity, boosting stability on rough ground. However, wide opening doors in the upperstructure and to the top and side of the counterweight, allow easy access to regular service and maintenance points.

Despite the reduced swing dimensions, there has been no compromise in operator comfort, with the JZ141 boasting a full size JS cab structure that incorporates TOPS protection as standard. Additional ROPS and FOPS protection is available as an option. The cab benefits from excellent all-round visibility, with rear view cameras ensuring that obstructions behind the excavator can be clearly seen.

Operators will welcome the latest KAB seating, delivering comfort and plenty of adjustment. Air suspension, heating and ventilation along with electric lumbar support can all be ordered as options to the higher specification seat. The cab also comes with JCB’s 7” colour multi-function display, which provides instant, easy to read operational information. The home screen can be customised to display the operator’s preferred data.

As with all JCB excavators, the JZ141 has the company’s proven 2GO hydraulic isolation system, which requires the operator to make two inputs before the hydraulic levers become active. This prevents accidental movement of the upperstructure without the operator being in the seat.

The use of an electronically-controlled JCB EcoMAX engine further enhances JCB’s LiveLink telematics system, which is included as standard on the JZ141. LiveLink now delivers accurate fuel consumption data along with operating mode information, helping managers to reduce fuel use and to boost efficiency within an equipment fleet. Real-time geofencing provides added security and ECU pairing, between the LiveLink and engine control units, prevents unauthorised use of the excavator.

The JZ141 will be available in June 2017 and can be ordered with a standard monoboom or with a heavy-duty HD version for more arduous digging applications. The machine is also offered with or without a dozer blade. New options for the machine will include upper structure safety rails to provide improved safety for operators and service technicians.

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