Kässbohrer unveils a new service, a new curtainsider

Kässbohrer unveils a new service, a new curtainsider

Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer came together with its business partners during the Summerfest, held for the 3rd time this year, at its headquarters in Goch Germany on June 30, 2016.

Kässbohrer’s Summerfest 2016 gathered business executives from 13 different countries together, representing the company’s customers and suppliers. Members of VSL-NRW (The German Association for Transport and Logistics – North Rhine Westphalia – Verband Spedition und Logistik Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.) members also participated in Summerfest 2016, following their mid-year meeting in Kässbohrer’s facility in Goch.

Summerfest 2016 featured the presentation of Kässbohrer’s new after-sales service K-Advance Care and new light maxima curtainsider, K.SCL X+.

Speaking during the Summerfest 2016, at a joint press conference with Dr. Rudiger Ostrowski from VSL-NRW, Kässbohrer’s Executive Board Member for Business Development İffet Türken said, “We are very proud today to be here among our partners. Thanks to our long-term partnerships with industry constituents, Kässbohrer continues to witness an impressive growth. We continue to be Europe’s fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer, more than doubling our sales in the first five months of the current year in our key European markets. We are accelerating our growth in Germany, recording a year-on-year increase of 70.9 percent in traffic registrations in the January-May period of this year.”

“Apart from the relationships we develop in the industry, we owe this success to our power of engineering and our commitment to provide sustainable transportation solutions, which we keep on moving forward. Latest examples are our new all inclusive after-sales service, K-advance Care and our new light maxima curtainsider,  K.SCL X+,”, Ms. Türken added.

Kässbohrer and VSL-NRW: a long-term partnership

As a semi-trailer manufacturer based in Goch, in Kleve district of North Rhine Westphalia, Kässbohrer is a member of VSL-NRW since 2014.

Homeland to the world‘s largest inland port, namely Duisburg Port, in addition to hosting more than a quarter of all logistics centers and most of the road haulage companies in Germany, North Rhine Westphalia is not only at the heart of German logistics industry, it’s also one of the most important logistics hubs of the world.

The cooperation of Kässbohrer with other VSL-NRW members, therefore serves for further development of the transport and logistics industry in the region.

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