KÄSSBOHRER will exhibit at Bauma 2016 in Munich

Kässbohrer will exhibit a selection from its wide transport solutions for heavy haulage and its light platform semi-trailer at BAUMA 2016 in Munich. Kässbohrer vehicles will be exhibited in open area at stand FN 826/1.

BAUMA is the world’s leading sector event for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. With a total exhibition space of 605,000 square meters, BAUMA is also the largest trade show in the world. BAUMA takes place every three years in Munich; the dates for the upcoming edition are April 11 to 17, 2016.

More options in heavy haulage by KÄSSBOHRER

Along with its vast production capacity and dedication for the power of engineering, Kässbohrer is best known for its reliability, strength and efficiency. And its solutions for heavy haulage are no exception. Kässbohrer develops, produces and delivers the trailer that serves exactly the challenging needs of abnormal load movers. Kässbohrer’s heavy haulage solutions include low-beds and low-loaders for the safe and efficient transportation of abnormal loads up to 130 tons and 18 meters.

K.SLL 2. Two axle low-loader with hydraulic steering system

Engineered to handle its cargo with care, Kässbohrer low-loader, K.SLL 2 with a ground clearance height of 300 mm enables the transport of heavy goods up to 3,700 mm height. Its bolted gooseneck shortens loading operations of bulky goods, while enhancing operational safety with front loading capability. Extendable up to 5,500 mm, K.SLL 2 is equipped with hydraulic axles providing maximum mobility under the toughest road conditions. With its strong chassis and robust construction, K.SLL 2 is designed for the safe transportation of abnormal goods and heavy haulage.

Kässbohrer K.SLL 2 at BAUMA 2016 is equipped with a detachable hardwood floor for easier transportation of oval loads. For enhanced load security, 6 x 2 pillar pockets and 34 lashing rings with a capacity up to 13 tons are offered as standard. Hydraulic and electric connections of K.SLL 2 are improved further for increased functionality.

Further advantages

  • Automatic alignment up to 15 km/h
  • Gooseneck with a capacity of 18 tons and pool can be decoupled easily with hydraulic and pneumatic systems in less than 50 seconds, allowing easy loading from front
  • 7 x 2 units of 250 mm galvanized steel side extension brackets
  • 2 x 2 Container locks are offered as an option, as return journeys must never be carried out empty

K.SLA 3. Extendable threeaxle low-bed

Kässbohrer’s extendable low-bed semi-trailer with 3 axles, K.SLA 3, transcends the limits of engineering to provide reliable performance in heavy goods transportation. With 3-step side extension brackets and 7 different sliding ramp options, K.SLA 3 enhances operational flexibility and eliminates idle workshop time. Equipped with advanced load security features, K.SLA 3 offers enhanced manoeuvring capability in the toughest working conditions.

Kässbohrer K.SLA 3 is engineered for the efficient and flexible transportation of wheel loaders, harvesters and dumpers. It is equipped with two pairs of wheel recess that is integrated in external frame. In addition, for increased flexibility, K.SLA 3 is offered with drive on aluminum ramps for wheel recess and can be turned into a flat platform for the transportation of other types of loads.

Further advantages

  • Rear excavator arm recess
  • 3,500 mm extendable platform
  • Portable aluminum rear ramps (Height: 2,400 mm, Width: 600 mm, Capacity: 32 tons)
  • S700 MC high strength steel chassis

K.SLH 8. Eight axle low-bed with hydraulic steering system

With a transport capacity of 130 tons, the Kässbohrer 8-axle low-bed with hydraulic steering system, K.SLH 8, is engineered for all types of heavy duty transportation. Designed with 34 tons gooseneck capacity and hydraulic suspension system, K.SLH 8 offers effective and secure load distribution. The hydraulic steering axles provide maximum maneuverability, especially at narrow and difficult curves while prolonging tire life and performance. Extending up to 18 meters, K.SLH 8 is the perfect solution for extreme heavy duty transportation.

Kässbohrer K.SLH 8 is equipped with a wide range of load security options, including 3 x 2 lashings rings at its gooseneck and 9 x 2 lashing rings at its platform, each with 6.7 ton capacity, 8 x 2 pillar pockets, 2 x 2 units of extension warning plates.

Further advantages

  • 9 x 2 units of 230 mm hot dipped galvanized side extension brackets
  • Hydraulic sliding loading ramps (4,000 x 800 mm)
  • Automatic alignment up to 15 km/h

K.SPS 3. Light and robust platform

Kässbohrer light platform semi-trailer, K.SPS 3 is engineered with the light chassis technology to offer you higher payload capacity. The robust and durable design of the platform combined with the KTL coating enhances life-long performance of the semi-trailer.

For enhanced load security, K.SPS 3 can be configured with 10 x 2 units of post pockets on the side rave and 24 units of post pockets (four rows) on the floor, to allow transportation of different types of loads including steel coils. A further load security system used on K.SPS 3 is K-fix Load Security System. K-fix on the side rave offers a strapping point at each 100 mm, with a load securing capacity of 2.5 tons according to EN 12640 and 7 x 2 units of special lashing points with 4 ton capacity. Depending on your payload, K.SPS 3 can be also offered with 800 mm long aluminum side and rear boards.

Kässbohrer K.SPS 3 at BAUMA is equipped with 30 mm thick resin coated plywood floor, with a permissible fork-lift axle load of 7,2 tons according to DIN EN 283.

Further advantages

  • A tare weight of 5,500 kg
  • 1,500 mm KTL-coated steel front panel with tarpaulin storage place and ladder
  • Self steering axle option for increased maneuverability at narrow curves.
  • 6 x 2 container locks come as standard, for the transportation of 1 x 20 ft, 2 x 20 ft or 1 x 40 ft containers.
  • Cataphoretic coated (KTL) S700 steel chassis for higher payload and increased robustness.
  • 1,300 mm fifth wheel option suitable for 6×2 and 6×4 trucks
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