Kobelco’s highly anticipated Hybrid arrives in Europe: SK210HLC-10

Kobelco’s highly anticipated Hybrid arrives in Europe: SK210HLC-10

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the arrival of the all-new Kobelco SK210HLC-10 – the first true hybrid specialist excavator in the 20-tonne operating class with Stage 4 (Tier IV) compliance.

Technical excellence and experience has enabled Kobelco to deliver the very latest in hybrid technology to one of the most demanding working-weight classes. At the heart of the SK210HLC-10 are two major power-drive units. The use of a large lithium-ion battery – an operating class world-first – allows a greater retention of stored electricity, which provides the necessary electrical output to a new Kobelco-developed 25 kW power-assist generator motor. Secondly, the efficient Stage 4 (Tier IV) Hino Motors turbocharged diesel engine – the same engine that powers the conventional SK210LC-10.

The 25 kW power assist of the new SK210HLC-10 generator motor is comparable to the engine output of a much larger 5-tonne excavator. With the engine in low-to-normal loading, the generator motor reverts to charging the new lithium-ion battery – at-a-glance charging levels can be seen via the operator’s in-cabin monitoring system. The stored electrical content also powers the new all-electric swing motor and gives greater control functionality in terms of response and smooth operation. Because the swing motor is electrically driven and not directly linked to the hydraulic system, engine load is unaffected and this contributes to the SK210HLC-10’s exceptional fuel efficiency. Another plus point of the electric swing motor is its regenerative function – when the swing motor decelerates, it generates charge to the lithium-ion battery.

Power meets efficiency is key to the Kobelco SK210HLC-10’s development. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced through the use of electrical power-assist as opposed to a rise in engine speed/performance and certain hydraulic pump functions. The SK210HLC-10 engine is designed to run at a consistent speed/load for most work applications and any further loading on the engine is off-set by power-assist from the generator motor. With a reduction of 120 rpm in operating speed – 1,880 rpm compared to the SK210LC-10’s 2,000 rpm – fuel consumption is again significantly reduced.

The SK210HLC-10 delivers in every way with no compromise to performance. When compared to the equivalent, class-leading SK210LC-10, Kobelco test results show that “H-mode” output is the same but a significant reduction of 12.3% in fuel consumption has been achieved. At the same time, digging volume has not been compromised – the working speed matches that of SK210LC-10. In addition, the productivity level of the SK210HLC-10 (m3/L) provides an increase of 14.2%.

Environmental impact is an important consideration in the construction industry and Kobelco is at the forefront of carbon footprint reduction. The SK210HLC-10 is considered as one of the best in class in terms of CO2 emission, achieved through superior fuel efficiency and utilisation of the latest hybrid technology. Such technology goes hand in hand with the SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to reduce particulate matter. Once again Kobelco has raised the bar in terms of a major reduction in carbon footprint while delivering greater working efficiency, which is reinforced by the machine’s globe motif denoting global awareness.

Like all Generation 10 excavators, increased durability can be attributed to the revised pin and boss structural reinforcement, which furthers Kobelco’s reputation for strength and reliability. The Arm Interflow System is automatically used when lowering the boom to reduce power required from the main pumping unit. Factory fitted quick hitch piping also comes as standard.

SK210HLC 10 alternative configurations and extended warranty system are also available to suit global markets and customer requirements, including a narrow-tracked variant with an overall width of 2,800mm versus the standard 2,990 mm to aid transport logistics in certain markets. The two-piece-boom and long reach attachment and silver colour combination are also optional extras. Kobelco also provides an extended warranty of five years (or 10,000 hours) on Hybrid components.

Commenting on the introduction of the SK210HLC-10, Kobelco Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “We are very pleased to finally launch the SK210HLC-10 after many years of innovation and development. Kobelco’s original Hybrid technology has improved significantly since we first displayed our Hybrid prototype at Intermat 2006 in Paris, our latest machine is working proof that Kobelco is a leading authority in hybrid excavator development.

“The SK210HLC-10 has one of the most technologically advanced systems of all hybrid excavators currently in the European market. Not only is it remarkable for being a hybrid in the competitive 20-tonne class but also for its exceptional ability to increase productivity levels while reducing operator costs. Reduced fuel consumption is a key feature of the SK210HLC-10, but to do so with improved working efficiency and performance is even more spectacular.”

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