Kohler Engines at Demopark 2017

Kohler Engines at Demopark 2017

June 2, 2017

From 11 to 13 June Kohler will be at Demopark, which will take place in Eisenach, in the very heart of Germany, and covers an area of more than 25 hectares. This important exhibition has expanded rapidly from its first event back in 2009, and has become a significant and influential fixture in the calendar for the European gardening and landscaping sectors. Kohler is eager to confirm its strong presence in these markets to take the opportunity to exhibit its product portfolio, which together with award winning innovative diesel engines, includes vertical and horizontal gasoline engines, as well as our recently introduced trifuel engines, which highlights Kohler’s great effort in alternative fuels.

Alternative fuels development and research are of paramount importance for Kohler, in fact four of the company’s Command PRO® horizontal shaft engines – the CH260, CH270, CH395, and CH440 – now offer the ability to run on three different fuels: gasoline, propane, and natural gas. At the 100 m² large, open-air Kohler booth, visitors are welcome to come and see the latest Command PRO® CH395 Tri-fuel, which is characterized with extended running times available when operating with NG or LP fuels that also provides significant cost savings and cleaner emissions. To confirm Kohler’s interest in alternative fuels, visitors will also find the Command PRO® CH740LP, which is designed to operate on either propane or natural gas.

The Kohler stand at Demopark will display a variety of different products to stress on the extensive range of models and technologies available throughout the Command PRO® Series. Specifically, two engines from this series will be exhibited during the show, the Command PRO® CH270 and the Command PRO® CH395, showing their 4-stage heavy-duty cyclonic Quad-Clean™ Air Filtration System as a standard feature without exceeding the size or the weight of a standard air filter. Over 25 years of Command PRO® commercial engine experience helped Kohler be the leading commercial twin cylinder engine manufacturer.

EFI (Electric Fuel Injection) is another innovation that Kohler has developed extensively in order to provide the market with the very latest advances in engine technology that can offer significant improvements in fuel economy and ease of starting. The Kohler closed-looped EFI is equipped with an oxygen sensor that provides continuous feedback on quality of combustion and monitors and adjusts engine operating parameters. The Command PRO® EFI engines will be exhibited as proof that power and fuel savings can comfortably co-exist. Starting the engine has never been so simple. They start just like a car, with no choke. There is no carburetor either, so there is no carb downtime for periodical maintenance. The equipment is always running – and earning – and machines are more productive. Plus, with 25% fuel savings, Kohler EFI engines save money and save time on refueling.

In addition, those looking for the Highest Performance and the Most Fully-Featured Lawn Mower engines will find the XTX775 from KOHLER®XTX Series. Kohler XTX engines are designed with the premium consumer in mind. With cast iron bore durability and high Kohler quality design standards they never need an oil change. Also, an effortless starting system is made possible by Kohler Smart-Choke™ and Easy-Pull™ starting systems and Kohler Consistent-Cut™ technology maintains higher engine speed in tough grass for a cleaner turf cut.

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