KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox now also with 7.4 kW in a single -phase design

ENECTOR wallbox now also with 7.4 kW in a single -phase design

The ENECTOR wallbox from established German manufacturer KOSTAL is now also available in a purely single-phase design with up to 7.4 kW of power exclusively for the Spanish and Italian markets. The ENECTOR functions as a stand-alone solution, but can also be perfectly integrated into a photovoltaic system.

With the ENECTOR AC 7.4 kW, KOSTAL is responding to the country-specific demand for single-phase, high-performance wallboxes. After a successful market launch in 2021, the ENECTOR has established itself as the heart of every forward-looking photovoltaic system. Mode 3 charging makes it compatible with many vehicles and a safe choice for any electric vehicle owner who also values “made in Germany” quality.

Comfort and function with an attractive design

The compact and elegant design of the ENECTOR has already won several design awards. In addition to its attractive appearance, the ENECTOR also offers advantages that make it extremely practical and suitable for everyday use.

These include the LED display, which provides all the important status information. The 7.5-metre-long charging cable with type-2 charging plug offers sufficient flexibility during fitting and is already included in the scope of delivery.

Installation is also extremely convenient thanks to ready-to-connect cabling. In addition, the wallbox offers comprehensive safety precautions to prevent overheating or a blackout.

Solar charging in perfect harmony

In combination with the PIKO MP plus and KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the ENECTOR becomes an intelligent charging solution with various charging modes. Once activated, the “Solar Pure Mode” and “Solar Plus Mode” solar charging modes are available via the KOSTAL Solar App or the Webserver of the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

In “Solar Pure Mode”, self-generated solar power is used for charging. In this mode, the power that is currently available is all that can be used. In “Solar Plus Mode”, the charging power is adjusted to minimise the amount of power drawn from the grid.

By activating the AutoUpdate function, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter automatically remains up to date at all times.

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