Liebherr at LIGNA 2023: Special machines and solutions for the timber and forestry industry

Liebherr at LIGNA 2023: Special machines and solutions for the timber and forestry industry

Liebherr showcased its special machines and solutions for the wood processing industry at the LIGNA 2023 international trade fair for the timber and forestry sector in Hanover. From 15 to 19 May, visitors were be able to explore Liebherr’s approximately 475 m² exhibition stand in the fair’s outdoor area (Corner 7, Stand L44). The Liebherr LH 26 M Timber Litronic material handler and the Liebherr T 60-9s telescopic handler were be among the machines on display. The Liebherr L 580 LogHandler XPower® is a specialized wheel loader for handling logs that made its trade fair debut at LIGNA. In addition, an athlete from the STIHLTIMBERSPORTS® series was a guest on the Liebherr stand and put on an impressive sawing show. The various product demonstrations took place several times each day.

Liebherr offers a broad range of powerful special machines and solutions for efficient timber handling. These machines are optimally designed for jobs such as loading and unloading trucks and trailers, log sorting and transport. For these tasks, good driving performance, high payloads and fast working cycles are the order of the day. Whether working as a material handler, wheel loader or telescopic handler, these machines are equipped to drive quickly and manoeuvre nimbly while handling raw materials precisely and delicately; for example, during gripping and sorting work. Liebherr will exhibit four of its special-purpose machines at LIGNA.

Wheel loader for increased productivity in timber handling

Liebherr presented a new version of its L 580 LogHandler XPower®, a specialized wheel loader for the timber industry, at LIGNA 2023. This machine is based on the standard version of the Liebherr L 580 XPower® wheel loader and provides many of the now familiar advantages of the XPower line-up; chief among them, the power-split XPower travel drive. The upgraded model features numerous optimisations; for example, on the lift mast and the associated grapples, which were specially developed for log handling.

For flexible work in the timber yard, the modified mast allows manipulation heights of up to seven metres and a reach of almost four metres. Some design-related adjustments, especially to the basic boom, have also resulted in improved visibility. These innovations will enable operating companies to move more cubic metres of wood per hour and thus increase their productivity. The new L 580 LogHandler XPower® is available now from Liebherr sales partners.

Liebherr also showcased the L 538 as a representative of its new series of medium-sized wheel loaders, which it has recently redeveloped and fundamentally revised. The redesigned mast, which ensures the highest possible breakout, holding and retrieval forces, features optimised Z-kinematics and improved working hydraulics. With their increased engine power and tip loads, these wheel loaders are ready for a wide range of demanding operations in various industries. The latest innovations enable faster cycle times and dynamic and powerful working movements – even with heavy attachments such as high-tip buckets or wood grapples.

New Liebherr LH 26 M Timber Litronic material handler

The new LH 26 M Timber Litronic was also on show at LIGNA. Thanks to its extremely compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability, this specialist handling machine is ideal for use in sawmills and lumber yards where space is at a premium. It also boasts impressively low fuel consumption when operating at maximum capacity.

Liebherr at LIGNA 2023: Special machines and solutions for the timber and forestry industry - 2

With the LH 26 M Timber Litronic, Liebherr has expanded its existing portfolio to include a lighter machine with an operating mass of between 23,500 and 26,000 kg. This model is also equipped with a new integrated tyre pressure monitoring system, which allows the desired target tyre pressure to be set and monitored on the display in the operator’s cab. The system will be optionally available for Liebherr timber handlers from October.

Liebherr T 60-9s telescopic handler – a multifunctional machine for industrial applications

Another vehicle that will be presented by Liebherr is the T 60-9s telescopic handler, the largest of the three industrial machines, which have proven themselves as efficient multifunctional workhorses in a myriad of applications.

With payloads of up to six tonnes and powerful working hydraulics, they allow goods to be lifted quickly and positioned with pinpoint accuracy. Being equipped with all-wheel drive, these machines can move heavy loads at great heights and are also ideal for work on unpaved ground. When manoeuvring in tight spaces, machines with excellent agility excel. Thanks to a particularly large steering angle combined with a long wheelbase, Liebherr telescopic handlers offer precisely this kind of manoeuvrability without sacrificing load capacity. In addition, these machines feature a continuous front windscreen that provides excellent visibility upwards – the best prerequisite for safe working. With the optionally available fine control, the working hydraulics can be adapted to the required application scenario – including the use of all power reserves and a fine-control range for precise operation.

Relaxed and comfortable driving is another basic requirement for the safe operation of telescopic handlers. Liebherr machines stand out here thanks to numerous intelligent and detailed solutions. The programmable constant flow rate, for example, allows the speed of road sweepers to be precisely controlled. With the optionally available manual control package, the travel speed can be adjusted as required. All in all, the eight models in the Liebherr telescopic handler series cover an extremely wide range of applications. These machines are available both as an s-variant for demanding applications and as a value variant. This means that customers can find the perfect machine for every requirement.


At the Liebherr stand, athlete Christoph Lang from STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® demonstrated his skills on a high-horsepower chainsaw and a two-metre-long hand-pulled saw. On site, Lang demonstrated the action-packed Stock Saw and Single Buck saw disciplines from the STIHLTIMBERSPORTS® series.

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