Ready to tackle new tasks at the touch of a button: Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupling system used in sewer construction by the Feickert construction company

Ready to tackle new tasks at the touch of a button: Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupling system used in sewer construction by the Feickert construction company

The fully automatic Liebherr LIKUFIX quick coupling system, a familiar feature on Liebherr hydraulic excavators, is also available for wheel loaders in the mid-sized design series (L 524 to L 542). Its benefits become apparent when multiple attachment tools are used. Equipment changes are completed rapidly thanks to LIKUFIX, thus saving contractors’ time. The system increases safety and comfort because the operator can change attachments via pushbutton in the cab. The Feickert construction company values these advantages: Multiple equipment changes are needed during sewer construction in a Friedrichshofen housing development – here, LIKUFIX delivers huge increases in productivity.

LIKUFIX makes Liebherr the only construction machine manufacturer worldwide to offer an automatic hydraulic coupling system for wheel loaders combined with a hydraulic quick-change system. Over the years, the convenient LIKUFIX system has become an established feature of Liebherr hydraulic excavators. The construction machinery specialist has used the proven in-house development as an option for wheel loaders in the mid-sized design series (L 524 to L 542).

Whether it be road construction, dismantling operations or pipe-laying and sewer construction, for contractors to work efficiently, many sites require the use of multiple attachment tools on one machine. This is where the benefits of LIKUFIX come to the fore. Via pushbutton, the operator can safely and rapidly change between multiple mechanical and hydraulic attachment tools – in the case of wheel loaders, for example, between high-dump buckets, screener crusher buckets, pipe grabbers or concrete mixer buckets. With LIKUFIX, the machine operator loses no valuable time as the hydraulic line connection is automatic. Construction site operation remains productive.

Equipment change with LIKUFIX in a matter of minutes on Feickert construction sites

The machinery stock of the medium-sized construction company includes a large number of machines fitted with LIKUFIX. This includes 75 hydraulic excavators, six L 538 Liebherr wheel loaders and an L 524 Liebherr wheel loader. “We are very satisfied with LIKUFIX. The system is robust, safe and reliable,” explained Axel Schupp, head of machine technology at Feickert. Sewer, water pipe and development work accounts for more than 60 percent of the work of the construction specialist based in Weilburg in Hesse, Germany. As a full-range supplier of construction and engineering services, Feickert are also engaged in building construction, commercial construction as well as in civil engineering and specialised civil engineering.

On a current Feickert construction site in Friedrichshofen near Ingolstadt, the benefits of LIKUFIX are apparent. Here a wide range of sewer construction work is required for a new housing development. Feickert uses two Liebherr A 900 C Litronic wheeled excavators and a Liebherr L 538 wheel loader. The work is varied and demands a high degree of flexibility from the machines. Consequently, Feickert uses the LIKUFIX fully hydraulic quick-change system.

Both Liebherr wheeled excavators work with a range of attachment tools. They use the back hoe to excavate the trenches and load the material into a dumper. They lay the sewer pipes using a pipe grabber. A tilt bucket is required in order to correctly backfill the sewer trench. Feickert uses a compactor attachment in order to compress the filled material. The LIKUFIX system ensures that the operator completes each of these activities with the most appropriate attachment tool for the given task. “Rapid changes are no problem with LIKUFIX, as this only takes a few seconds in the cab. You do not need to get out because everything is done via pushbutton. We can only complete the many different activities here on the construction site so quickly thanks to LIKUFIX,” underlined Axel Schupp.

With LIKUFIX: one Liebherr wheel loader completes the work of two machines

The dumper brings the excavated material from the sewer trench to a processing site which is located directly on the construction site. Feickert uses the L 538 fitted with LIKUFIX at this point. While the dumper shuttles between construction and processing sites, the wheel loader processes the material using the Allu screener crusher bucket. “The fact that LIKUFIX can also be used with attachment tools from other manufacturers is convenient,” said Axel Schupp. When the dumper is ready for transport again, the wheel loader operator changes from separator to excavation bucket in a matter of seconds. He loads the processed material on to the dumper using the excavation bucket. This equipment change is repeated up to 20 times per day. In some cases, Feickert mixes lime into the processed material. The wheel loader collects the lime from a separate storage area, which requires another equipment change.

Axel Schupp explains, “LIKUFIX enables our Liebherr wheel loader to process and handle material on-site – that is, to do the work of two machines. In addition, the wheel loader collects lime from the silo if necessary. In this way, the machine is optimally utilised, saving us both time and money. We can also use the same material again, which has previously been excavated, to backfill the trench.”

LIKUFIX increases more than just the flexibility and productivity of the machines. The hydraulic quick coupling system also increases comfort and safety on the construction site. “Previously we had to get out in order to complete the arduous task of changing the equipment by hand. Today we can do that in comfort from the cab. This is also much safer. After all, there are other machines and trucks moving around here,” explained Thorsten Grulich, foreman at the construction site in Friedrichshofen. Axel Schupp summarises their experiences with LIKUFIX. “If lots of equipment changes are necessary, then LIKUFIX from Liebherr is a good choice. It is only possible to run the construction site in Friedrichshofen so efficiently with the help of the hydraulic quick coupling system. In addition, we are also reducing the impact on the natural environment because the system operates without any oil leakage at all.”

The robust LIKUFIX system is designed for tough construction operations. The coupling block is spring mounted. Therefore, the forces acting on the hydraulic quick hitch do not transfer to the coupling system. Even on long operations, the connections between the hydraulic circuits are completely sealed. No dirt can penetrate into the system. In order to make maintenance easier, all individual moving parts on the LIKUFIX coupling system are easily accessible. Customers are able to easily complete cleaning and simple maintenance activities themselves, such as changing a seal.


This shows an L 538 Liebherr wheel loader operating with LIKUFIX and a screener crusher bucket. From inside the cab, the operator can change between multiple mechanical and hydraulic attachment tools safely and in a matter of seconds. The LIKUFIX coupling block can be seen in the top right of the picture.


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