Liebherr Piling and Drilling Rig LRB 355 Carries Out Sheet Piling Work in Western Austria

Liebherr Piling and Drilling Rig LRB 355 Carries Out Sheet Piling Work in Western Austria

A new piling and drilling rig from Liebherr was recently applied close to its manufacturing site in Western Austria. The LRB 355 was used by the Austrian construction company Hilti & Jehle GmbH to carry out sheet piling work in Frastanz.

At its headquarters in the Austrian town of Frastanz the company Rondo Ganahl AG, which specializes in the production of paper and packaging, is currently building a new high bay warehouse and extension for logistics, as well as carrying out modifications to existing facilities. Parts of the deep foundation work were subcontracted to Hilti & Jehle GmbH by the joint venture I + R Schertler / Tomaselli.

Sheet piling work had to be carried out on an area of 7,500 m² in order to lower the groundwater level by approx. 3 m and to secure the foundation pit. For this purpose the LRB 355 piling and drilling rig installed U profile sheet piles with lengths of 11-12 m in the ground.

Piling and drilling rig with outstanding features

The LRB has a robust undercarriage as well as long crawlers that ensure a higher level of stability. Thanks to the parallel kinematics the piling and drilling rig has a large working radius. A further advantage is the assembly of all winches directly on the leader. On the one hand, this enables a clear view of the main winch from the operator’s cab and, on the other hand, ensures that the ropes do not move when the leader is adjusted.

A particular highlight is the fuel efficiency of the 600 kW V-12 diesel motor, which runs at a reduced speed of 1,700 U/min. Moreover, using the Eco-Silent-Mode the engine speed can be reduced to a predefined level. This enables a significant reduction in both the fuel consumption and the noise emission without impairing performance or efficiency.

In addition to sheet pile installation using a vibrator, the LRB 355 is suitable for all common drilling methods, such as drilling with Kelly equipment, full displacement tool or continuous flight auger as well as for soil mixing and operation with hydraulic hammer.

“With the LRB 355 from Liebherr we have a modern, top-line machine at our disposal. Thanks to its multifunctionality the quality of foundation work is improved and, at the same time, we are more flexible and can work more efficiently,” says Markus Maehr from Hilti & Jehle describing the advantages of the new piling and drilling rig.

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