New LINE-X protective coating for waterproofing concrete roofs and surfaces

New LINE-X protective coating for waterproofing concrete roofs and surfaces

European Technical Assessment Certifies XS-101 EU as an EU-Approved Building Material for Waterproofing Concrete Roofs/Surfaces. Available in 28 Different Countries Across Europe, XS-101 EU is Certified to Provide at Least 10 Years of Waterproof Protection. Resistant to Harsh Chemicals, Elements and Aging.

LINE-X has just reached a milestone by receiving a European Technical Assessment ETAG 005 part 6 by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, the approval body for construction products for the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (ETOA).

  • The ETAG 005 part 6 certifies LINE-X XS-101 EU as an approved waterproofing system for roof surfaces against the penetration of atmospheric water. It also certifies XS-101 EU as a suitable product for compressible substrates like insulation boards and non-compressible substrates like steel and concrete.
  • Like all of LINE-X’s protective compounds, XS-101 EU forms a mechanical bond with the concrete or other surface to form a waterproof seal. Additionally, XS-101 EU has special elongation properties to help it remain flexible up to 400 percent of its original size. This allows XS-101 EU to be sprayed over cracks and expansion joints that allow concrete to shift and expand without affecting waterproof properties, something not available in certain other waterproofing compounds.

Additional XS-101 EU Highlights:

  • Natural flame resistance and is fire rated to European Standard Cfl-s1
  • Excellent resistance to harsh chemicals and low temperatures
  • Quick cure compound – load-bearing in approximately one hour following application
  • Natural high resistance to hydrolysis and aging
  • Available in multiple colours to match building aesthetics
  • Complete seal of construction “undercuts” and complex shapes often found in today’s architecture

Professional LINE-X applicators must spray the compound to a thickness of between 2 to 2.5mm to meet the certification standards outlined in the ETAG 005 part 6, and once applied, the protective compound has an expected lifetime of more than 10 years.

“LINE-X coatings are trusted around the world in the most demanding scenarios that require extreme protection from so many forms of potential damage – and we are thrilled to be sharing this technology with the European community through our certification for XS-101 EU,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “This gives contractors and construction companies the confidence to know they are using a world-class waterproofing product that not only provides superior protection from the elements, but has also met very strict European building products standards.”

Manufactured in Europe, XS-101 EU is available in 28 different countries and with the ETAG 005 part 6 certification, the protective coating can be more widely used as a complete solution for roofing applications.

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