First scale model of a Magni rotating telescopic handler at bauma 2019

First scale model of a Magni rotating telescopic handler at bauma 2019

February 12, 2019

Magni will be exhibiting at Bauma 2019 with a stand in the outdoor area FS1107/9 and they will be presenting the first scale model of a Magni rotating telescopic handler: the 6.35 SH.

New for 2019 is the space dedicated at the entrance to the merchandise/apparel store. This is a brand new project, started in late 2018, but it immediately proved to be a winner with their dealer network and customers. The core concept is to promote the Magni brand through sales of technical and sports wear.

The clothing has been divided into three ranges: Premium, Easy-Wear and Working. There is also a section for gadgets and accessories, ideal not only for the office but also for free time. Direct sales at the stand will therefore be possible.

Magni will also be presenting the first scale model of a Magni rotating telescopic handler; the model chosen was the 6.35 SH, which can once again be purchased in their store.

The change in the concept and layout of the stand, with redesigned layout, colour scheme and graphics, perfectly reflects the new catalogue of the range and the individual models which we will be presenting in various different languages to their dealers. A major image and branding update was performed in the middle of 2018 – a new colour scheme with Magni red playing a lead role – which is bright and shiny, but above all will stand the test of time.

Also, Magni will be introducing one new RTH – rotating telescopic handlers – model: the RTH 13.26 SH. This is the biggest capacity telescopic handlers on the world market.

The 6.46 SH is ever-present, and is currently the highest on the market. This is a model which is very successful in the US and major European cities, as it is able to reach heights which are still prohibitive for many manufacturers.

Representing the Smart range is the 5.21 Smart with pivoting stabilizers and a more compact chassis, ideal for small sites and difficult access.

On display in the SH range will be the 5.25 and 6.30, both with scissor stabilizers.

A key point to emphasize is how all models from the RTH 6.26 SH upward are equipped with a 10” touchscreen, a version referred to in the catalogue as XL, in order to provide operators with ever greater comfort and ease of use. The Smart range, on the other hand, will continue to feature the previous 7” touchscreen in their cabs.

All their machines feature a patented cab design with FOPS/ROPS certification. The cab is hermetically sealed and fully pressurized. The 100% air filtration makes our range of machines perfect for use even in contaminated environments, with no risks for the operator. Heating and air conditioning are standard on all models in the RTH range (excluding the 4.18 Smart model).

The cab is also equipped with a practical cup holder. This is a big hit with operators, allowing them to enjoy their morning coffee or other beverages inside the cab! The cab also features a USB port as standard for charging tablets and smartphones. The cab has full visibility thanks to the large windscreen which extends from the operator’s head to their feet, allowing them to monitor the load even when it is suspended overhead or with the boom completely lowered. The steering column is adjustable, facilitating access to the cab while at the same time guaranteeing the operator an ergonomic operating position.

All their machines are painted with a special automotive liquid paint which guarantees long-lasting shine even after years of demanding use. Our red is easily recognizable, a trademark which immediately hints at an association with major racing stables.

Safety always comes first at Magni – field testing and certifications are supervised by their engineers, and improvements are constantly being made in order to make our products even safer, where possible.

The main certifications met by Magni machines are listed below:

  • CE Certification
  • EN 13000: concerning standards for hydraulic cranes when equipped with a winch
  • EN 280: concerning standards for mobile elevating work platforms
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/1628: concerning engine emissions standards
  • EN 1459: concerning standards for variable-reach trucks

Another technical advantage of the Magni range is the automatic attachment recognition (RFID) system, which allows all load diagrams for the specific attachment to be loaded onto the touchscreen display on the dashboard in real time, setting the intrinsic limits for each attachment.

Coming soon: aerial work platform range

The Magni product range has been expanded with the addition of both electric and diesel aerial working platforms manufactured by our Chinese partner Zhejiang Dingli Machinery, with the attentive quality control typical of Magni-branded products.

This joint venture was set up in 2016, combining Magni’s know-how with the manufacturing power of the Chinese giant, giving life to an extensive and complete range of telescopic and articulating boom aerial work platforms. These platforms feature a reduced footprint but have guaranteed performance and are built to the highest quality standards.

The aerial work platform range features nine models, with different height capacities, but which are all intuitive and easy to use and offer maximum flexibility on worksites. Access to the safety basket is facilitated by the non-slip steps and entrance door. Machine movements can be controlled directly from the platform with a high level of safety thanks to the intuitive joystick which can be removed from its housing.

The manual base model 7 m working height is perfect for working inside warehouses and large-scale retail locations, and the range goes all the way up to the 16-metre model, which is ideal for construction and renovation sites.

The diesel range, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for outdoor areas which require greater heights and off-road performance. It features five models, ranging from 12 to 22 metres in height. These impressive machines feature high-strength steel bodies and easy access to the engine compartment, facilitating maintenance. They are ideal for use on rough terrain thanks to their ability to tackle slopes of up to 50%.

New this year are our telescopic articulating aerial work platforms, created in partnership with our Chinese partner Dingli. They are all designed, engineered and modelled by Magni, while production takes place in China, but with European concepts and components.

The range of articulating telescopic platforms is made up of four models, ranging from 16 to 28 metres, all rigorously checked and tested by Magni departments. If the main requirement is to work primarily outdoors, on irregular terrain or with significant slopes, height, load capacity, reach, speed of lifting – these are all characteristics which will help you in your work by also responding to the most demanding market.

The platform features a comfortable working area, without having to move the machine, in order to optimize timeframes and increase productivity. The strength of this range is the time savings gained with all movements. Lifting the platform can involve three movements (boom opening, extension and turret rotation), which can all be performed simultaneously. The operating area can be reached in around 40 seconds. In terms of ease of use, the compact size and limited weight allow easy transport between sites, ensuring its usage time is always optimized.

The telescopic boom platforms, on the other hand, are those which offer the greatest working heights. They are ideal for applications requiring significant extensions, such as on large construction sites. Magni telescopic work platforms are equipped with professional features such as extended reach, off-road ranges combined with maximum safety and comfort. For the moment, the range features models from 24 to 30 metres in height. In the next few months, a further two models will be unveiled, completing the telescopic platforms range.

Platform raising is performed with proportional, simultaneous movements, guaranteeing flexibility and speed in order to reach the work area in a matter of seconds. The electronic control of the movements also allows for linear movement speeds of the fixed safety basket.

Range extension: Magni offers unique market solution

Magni is aiming to present itself as a one-stop solution for rental partners and construction companies: the range extension it is engaged in is a clear signal to the market of reference.

The range of models, from the highest rotating telescopic handler in the world to the highest performance models with the most impressive load capacities, right through to self-powered aerial working platforms and now articulating telescopic platforms, is the Emilia-Romagna-based manufacturer’s confident response to its target market. A unique brand which guarantees maximum safety and performance in the field.

New headquarters: 2020 inauguration

A project featuring the Castelfranco Emilia-based company in the spotlight once again is the expansion of its headquarters with the construction of a new production plant.

Here are some figures to give you an idea of the enormous project now in progress:

  • 23 hectares
  • 36,000 square metres of covered space
  • 2,500 square metres of office space
  • 540,000 cubic metres of volume under construction
  • 450 parking spaces
  • 460 new trees planted
  • 6 electric car charging points
  • 6 electric motorbike charging points

Magni has always placed great importance on the environment and renewable energy. This focus not only concerns the construction of its machines, but in this case also applies to the construction model of the new plant.

These are just some of the sustainability improvements which makes Magni the perfect choice from an ethical, as well as a professional, point of view:

  • Purification of runoff water
  • Rain water storage (with provision for storms)
  • Rain water reuse
  • Solar PV energy production
  • Solar hot water production
  • Heating systems run on self-generated energy

This project, which saw the site open for work in late 2018, will be completed in 2020, when all offices and production will be moved to the new site, just the other side of the Via Emilia.

Again in terms of improved company productivity, the old enterprise system will be migrated to SAP. This is the most suitable choice to meet the requirements of a dynamic and continually evolving company which aims to keep up with the giants of the market.

It is another major financial investment for the Castelfranco Emilia-based company, which year after year gains significant ground on the competition: because the important thing is doing things well, and at Magni this is a given!

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