MB Crusher helps at the European Investment Bank

MB Crusher helps at the European Investment Bank

Next to the EIB’s, European Investment Bank, current headquarters in the Kirchberg district of Luxembourg, our client processed 4000m3 of materials between screening and crushing.

Construction businesses are facing major environmental issues right now, reducing the carbon footprint requires reducing CO2 emissions, conserving resources and improving site waste management.

To achieve all of the above our client DTS SA has approached the major EIB project differently.

It is nonsense to load trucks to move rubble 100 km away and bring crushed products back in when we can treat these materials directly on site,” says Jonathan MARIE DIT LACOURof the company DTS SA, incharge of earthworks, embankments and buried networks on the site.

By combining an MB Crusher screening bucket with the crushing bucket, our customer has obtained on this site all the advantages of a compact and mobile recycling centre.

The project involved building an extension to the current HQs of the European Investment bank providing an extra 1,500 workstations aiming to bring back together employees currently working in decentralized offices.

The site had very sandy terrain so it was important to separate the sand from the rock base and it was done with the MB-S23 screener installed on the Komatsu PC360. Separating the fine portion from the limestone rock, which was then reduced with the BF120.4 jaw crusherinstalled on the same Komatsu PC360. The hardcore obtained was used for the peripheral embankments and paving. This process eliminated trucks in and out of the site and the re-use of recycled material assisted in preserving natural resources.

As it is estimated that by 2050, 68% of the population will be urban, this increment will lead to the need for new infrastructure, including office buildings and housing. Currently, the construction sector accounts for 40% of current global CO2 emissions, so the next few years will see companies embracing new procedures to become carbon neutral. MB Crusher unit can aid in reducing CO2 emissions in small and big projects alike.

MB Crusher is now the largest range on the market dedicated to construction and recycling, which is why DTS and our joint partner MAKO have trusted us with this project.” Transforming waste into products is more than semantics, it is a necessity, ”says Jonathan MARIE DIT LACOUR, CEO of DTS.

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