MEP Hire adds 150 Genie® GS™-1432m micro scissor lifts to its fleet

MEP Hire adds 150 Genie® GS™-1432m micro scissor lifts

MEP Hire has taken delivery of 150 Genie® GS-1432m micro scissors lifts as it builds up its fleet of productive, compact access equipment across its 11 branches to meet the needs of contractors in the UK.

“Thanks to their lightweight construction of just 900 kg and compact footprint, Genie GS-1432m micro scissors are a good offering for mechanical and electrical customers working on suspended flooring,” said Andy Menham, Product and Sector Development Manager for MEP Hire. ” MEP Hire partner with Genie due to the impressive build quality of their machines. Robust, reliable and efficient they are also incredibly easy to operate, allowing users to complete tasks safely and efficiently.”

Genie GS-1432m micro scissor lifts, as well as Genie’s other micro scissor model, the GS-1932m, offer versatile access at low-level heights — a specialty of MEP Hire. Micro scissor lifts are a safe and more productive alternative to ladders and vertical lifts. Both the GS-1432m and GS-1932m micro scissors are compact enough to drive through doorways with standard fixed guardrails, and are lightweight enough to be transported in standard elevators.

GS-1432m micro scissors feature Genie’s fully-sealed and maintenance-free AC electric drive, which helps reduce the total cost of ownership while boosting productivity. E-Drive is four times more efficient than traditional hydraulic drive, which benefits runtime. The efficiency of Genie’s AC drive motors also contributes to lower maintenance and repair costs compared with a machine that operates with a DC motor, which results in a lower total cost of ownership.

MEP Hire, part of the VP Group since 2007, has more than 200 employees with 11 branches spread across the country. The company offers a national network of items for the UK’s building services trades. It has been supplying specialist for tool hire and low level access solutions to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industries for more than 20 years and has built up a reputation for quality, service and reliability.

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